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  • fun wellness ideas for employees

    • 101 Low-cost ideas for worksite wellness

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      101 Low-cost ideas for worksite wellness The following ideas for worksite wellness can be implemented with limited resources. Many of these ideas have been found to help employees of all physical abilities maintain their health.

    • 121 Employee Wellness Program Ideas For Your Office (+10 ...

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      encouraging overall wellbeing while still keeping it fun (see #57 for a perfect example). If you can’t get your team engaged then your wellness program ideas will quickly lose steam. So make your initiatives fun, try new ideas and see what your team values the most. Below is a list of 121 employee wellness program ideas that you can

    • Developing University Wellness Programs

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      Developing University Wellness Programs ULEAD 2017 Arielle Rose, Employment Consultant, Office of Human Resources, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Lakhesh Khullar, Information Systems Manager, Department of Anesthesiology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Amanda Zettervall, Director of Strategic Resources, Office of University Communications, University of North

    • Guide To Workplace Wellness - Health Advocate

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      diseases are lifestyle-related, experts say, and having a wellness program on-board that helps employees adopt healthier habits can significantly reduce illness, accidents, absences and medical claims. Increased productivity is an additional and hard-to-ignore benefit.7, 8 Guide to Workplace Wellness Healthier Employees, Healthier Bottom Line

    • Planning an Employee Health Fair - Independence Blue Cross

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      A health fair is a great way for you to offer your employees information and activities that help to educate them and offer suggestions for healthier living through a variety of health topics. Health fairs can also offer valuable health screenings to detect health issues early, before they become serious. B. Where to begin Proper planning is the most important element to ensure success ...


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      Keep contests fun and light-hearted. When the challenge is over, be sure to recognize participants for their efforts. (See page 2 for recognition ideas). SCHOOL WELLNESS CHALLENGES AND RECOGNITION IDEAS SCHOOL WELLNESS CHALLENGES Contests or challenges are a fun way to add a little “friendly competition” in the workplace and it’s a great ...


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      WALK FOR WELLNESS CHALLENGE - Workplace Program Coordinator’s Manual Page 8 Walk for Wellness Challenge The Walk for Wellness Challenge is a fun and easy way to promote healthy living in your workplace. The challenge is a pedometer-based active living program and can be run for five to

    • Wellness Topics, Events & Challenge Ideas

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      Wellness Topics, Events & Challenge Ideas . ND Office of State Tax Commissioner . Laura Anhalt, Wellness Coordinator • National Farmers’ Market Week/August - Farmers’ Market Challenge o Eat 2 items each week in the month of August from a Farmers’ Market, CSA, or home garden

    • Wellness and Health Fair Planning Guide

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      fun? What are your organizational demographics – what age and sex is the majority of the employees? Use this information to develop a theme for your health fair. Your health fair may be a kick-off another event, a new wellness program or an annual event. Consider the …

    • Worksite wellness ideas

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      • Hold contests: “Wellness Project of the Month” or “Set Your Goal” competition, employee/management and interdepartmental challenges, health trivia game with prizes, and other fun worksite competitions. • Set up displays in the reception area or lobby. Display healthy posters in employees…