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    • AP Psychology – Ms

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      What is Psychology? 1 . Psychology is the scientific study of _____. a. the physiological functions of the brain b. how personality can be determined by the size and shape of one’s head c. behavior and mental processes. d. how cultures and societies develop and interact with each other. 2. Psychologists are interested in _____.

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      The Brain’s Higher Functions The Cerebral Cortex —the bumpy, convoluted area on the outside of the two cerebral hemispheres that regulates most complex behavior, including receiving sensations, motor control and higher mental processes (i.e., thinking, personality, emotion, memory, motivation, creativity, self-awareness, reasoning, etc.)

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    • Brain Science and Cognitive Psychology Explores Our Mental Proce…

      Breaking it down BRAIN FUNCTIONS Medulla Regulates breathing and heart rate – hanging a person works b/c (if done correctly) it breaks this in half Pons Involved in sleeping, waking and dreaming Cerebellum The “lesser brain” coordinates balance and coordination Thalamus Relays all sensory information to specific perception areas of the ...

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      4. One of the key functions of the cerebrospinal fluid is thought to be: a. to protect the eyes in the form of moisture and tears. b. to cushion the brain and serve as a shock absorber. c. to provide fluid pressure for muscle movement. d. to create moisture in the mouth. 5. With regard to the folding of the cerebral cortex:


    • Chapter 1: The Science of Psychology

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      Describe the distinct functions of the brain’s two hemispheres, and discuss research findings on brain organization and handedness. LO #7 Describe research that leads cognitive neuroscientists to infer how the brains dual-processing affects our perception, memory, …



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      Wrinkled surface of brain. Divided into four lobes Crinkled Cap. Cor-Texas (large surface area) Core-tex (core of higher functions) Frontal Lobes. Emotion regulation, speaking, judgment & reason, planning, personality Personality is a “front” “Future” lobe . Prefrontal lobotomies . …

    • Minnesota State University Moorhead

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      Experiments on split-brain patients suggest that, for most people, the left hemisphere is the more verbal and the right hemisphere excels in visual perception and the recognition of emotion. Studies of people with intact brains indicate that each hemisphere makes unique contributions to the integrated functions of the brain. Chapter Guide

    • Myers’ Psychology for AP

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      The Brain Game: Adopted from Rod Plotnik: Directions: Read the following scenarios and explain the area of the brain that is affected.. Scenario What area? Walking down a dark New York street late at night you suddenly feel the metal barrel of a pistol press against your head behind your ear and hear the instructions “Don’t move a muscle while I slip your wallet out of your pocket”.

    • Psychology

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      – sensory functions –reticular activating system. Forebrain – emotion, complex thought – thalamus, hypothalamus, limbic system, cerebrum, cerebral cortex. Hindbrain - Most primitive part of the brain – basic life sustaining functions. Brain Stem - Alertness, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure. Medulla – control breathing ...

    • The Brain Game: Adopted from Rod ... - SSHS AP Psychology

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      Psychology is the systematic, scientific study of behaviors and mental processes. This course will look at the human brain and how it functions with regard to behavior and thought. In the first semester, we will focus on the study of the brain and how the development of the brain …