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      Welcome to Gadsden County High School ... "Home of the Mighty Jaguars"... Everyone is Excelling Everyday (E3): Now the Hard Work Continues!!!... Principal: Pamela Jones and Vice Principals: Keith Dowdell, Tawanda Scott, and Deborah Shaffer Bienvenido a la High School secundaria del Condado de Gadsden...

    • PDF 2002 Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey

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      • Surveyed Gadsden County students reported less drug-use experimentation than their peers from across Florida. In particular, lifetime prevalence-of-use rates for alcohol (43.5% in Gadsden County and 56.5% statewide), ... 3.9% among high school students. T . 2002 Florida Youth Substance Abuse ...

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      Gadsden City High School (GCHS) is located in the city of Gadsden, in Etowah County and is situated in northeast Alabama. According to the 2011 Census Bureau, the city's population is 36,813 people.


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      Tallahassee Community College and Gadsden County School Board Introduction The Collegiate High School Program Contract, as required by Section 1007.273(3), Florida Statutes, is made by and between the District Board of Trustees of Tallahassee Community College, hereinafter referred to as TCC, and the District School Board of Gadsden County,

    • PDF Career and Technical Education Career Pathways Articulation ...

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      Gadsden County High School and TCC will cooperate in publicizing this program to secondary school students in order to ensure that they are aware of these opportunities. 4. TCC will not charge tuition for any courses for which a student receives articulated credit.

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      0809 NCLB School Public Accountability Reports Run Date: 08/25/2009 . Page 3 . 20-0071 EAST GADSDEN HIGH SCHOOL _____ High school dropout rate . Dropouts are students who leave school before graduation and do not enroll in another institution . or educational program before the end of the school year.

    • PDF Etowah County Schools 2019-2020 Calendar

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      Etowah County Schools 2019-2020 Calendar Preparing Our Students for Their Future Mar - 16 days Student Days Per Month 180 Teacher Days Per Month 187 12 Month Emp. Days Per Month 240 June 2020 August 2019 December 2019 February 2020 September 2019 April 2020 May 2020 July 2019 November 2019 January 2020


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      East Gadsden High School 300 Classroom 27008 Blue Star Memorial Hwy Havana 32340 R G 817 16,340 S-1496-2009 Updated FISH Data East Gadsden High School 400 Classroom 27001 Blue Star Memorial Hwy Havana 32333 N G 1,043 20,854 EHPA East Gadsden High School 500 Dining 27001 Blue Star Memorial Hwy Havana 32333 N G 299 5,984 EHPA


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      School District of Gadsden County The District was established pursuant to Section 1001.30, Florida Statutes, to provide public educational services for the residents of Gadsden County. Those services are provided primarily to students attending kindergarten through high school, but also to adults seeking vocational-type training.


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      The governing body of the District is the Gadsden County District School Board (Board), which is composed of five elected members. The elected Superintendent of Schools is the executive officer of the Board. During the 2015-16 fiscal year, the District operated 14 elementary, middle, high, and


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      GADSDEN COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT 2014 - 2015 Work Plan Page 3 of 16 11/20/2014 2:44:35 PM s.1011.14 Debt Service $327,334 $371,723 $371,723 $371,723 $185,861 $1,628,364 Environmental Problems $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 Remodeling and Renovations $0 $200,000 $0 $0 $0 $200,000 Special Facilities Construction Account $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0

    • PDF GADSDEN COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT 2017 - 2018 Work Plan ...

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      locations: carter-parramore alternative school, chattahoochee elementary, gadsden county high school, gadsden elementary magnet school, gadsden technical institute, george w munroe elementary, greensboro elementary school (new), havana pk-08 school, james a shanks middle school, m d walker administrative center, stewart street elementary ...

    • PDF Gadsden City High School - NPC Alabama

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      Gadsden City High School 1917 Black Creek Parkway Gadsden, AL 35904 ALL ATHLETES MUST CHECK-IN AND WEIGH-IN ON FRIDAY NIGHT, August 25th BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 5:00 P.M. AND 7:00 P.M. NPC cards will be sold at check-in but NO CASH will be accepted!! CHECK OR MONEY ORDER ONLY, made payable to the NATIONAL PHYSIQUE COMMITTEE. Cards are also

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      Applications can be obtained from the Gadsden County BOCC's website - www.gadsdengov.net, any of the three branch libraries, at local county high schools, or from the Gadsden County employment board located on the 1st floor of the Edward Butler Governmental Complex Building 9B East Jefferson Street, Quincy, Florida

    • PDF Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners Employment ...

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      GADSDEN COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION NOTE: This application must be completed in its entirety and signed if you wish to be considered for employment with the Board of County Commissioners. Information submitted on the application is subject to verification. APPLICANT INFORMATION (Please print)

    • PDF Gadsden County Community Health Improvement Plan

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      Gadsden County Community Health Improvement Plan 2013 • Population estimates from 2010 place the population of Gadsden County at 46,398 residents. By 2015, estimated growth will increase the population to 46,987 residents, which is a modest 1.3 percent increase. Florida as a whole is projected to increase by 6.2 percent during the same time ...

    • PDF Gadsden County Emergency Management - (850) 875-8642

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      Gadsden County Emergency Management - (850) 875-8642 9 WATCH OUT!!! HURRICANE HAZARDS Gadsden County is approximately 40 miles from the coast and, as such, will not experience many of the severe hazards (storm surge, wind and fl ooding) others encounter. Some of the inland hazards this community may face, include:

    • PDF Gadsden County High School

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      Gadsden County High School 27001 Blue Star Memorial Hwy Havana, Florida 32333 Ph (850) 662-2300 Fax (850) 539-2863 www.gchs.gadsdenschools.org Everyone Excelling Everyday (E3): Now the Hard Work Continues!!! Pamela Jones, Principal Keith A. Dowdell Tawanda Scott Deborah Shaffer Vice Principal Vice Principal Vice Principal

    • PDF Gadsden County Report

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      • Among Gadsden County middle school students, 42.9% reported being verbally bullied within the past 30 days. • Gadsden County students reported one of their highest cutpoint scores for a risk factor scale that is directly associated with alcohol, tobacco and other drug use: Low Perceived Risks of Drug Use (61%).

    • PDF Gadsden County School District 2018-2019 Student Calendar 180 ...

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      Gadsden County School District 2018-2019 Student Calendar 180 days 2018 August 13 Students first day of school September 3 Students out of school - Labor Day Holiday District-wide October 5 Students out of school - Teacher Paid Holiday October 8 - 12 FTE Survey Week October 12 End of first 9 weeks - 44 days

    • PDF Gadsden County School Grades, 2000-2003 - OPPAGA

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      Gadsden County School Grades, 2000-2003 The table below shows the school performance grades of Gadsden County public schools for the last three years. Pursuant to s. 1008.34, Florida Statutes, the Florida Department of Education identifies letter-

    • PDF Gadsden Independent School District - Gadsden High School

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      Gadsden Independent School District. 2017-2018. July January. 3rd-Classes Begin 3rd- 7th District Closed . 22th-Elem-Middle Sch Prof Dev/High School PTC. ... 23rd & 24th-Middle School & High School 1/2 Day Students-All Day Teachers 13th -Report Cards

    • PDF Gadsden SD Profile - CYFD

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      _____""GadsdenIndependent"Schools"Early"ChildhoodDataProfile"""_____! 6" ChildrenYouthandFamilies"Department"!IntheGadsdenSchoolDistrictthereareatotalof13 ...

    • PDF School District Calendar 2016-2017

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      School District Calendar 2016-2017 Mission - To provide a continuum of shared services that elevate student achievement throughout all consortium school districts Vision - Advancing Schools and Communities for Student Success 753 West Blvd. Chipley, FL 32428 Main 850.638.6131 Toll Free 877.872.7232 www.paec.org

    • PDF The East Gadsden Times - SCHOOLinSITES

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      school in making tough deci-sions that will affect your fel-low classmates. At East Gadsden High School, there are many opportunities to become an advocate for change. But you must keep in mind that it is a big commitment and everyone may not be willing to step up to the plate. That is why I have decided I want to be that one oddball that will ...

    • PDF The East Gadsden Times - SCHOOLinSITES

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      HAVANA, Fl- East Gadsden High School is a mostly minor-ity-filled school. From Blacks to Hispanics to Whites to new teachers and students from the Philippines, you never know who you'll see. Come to think of it, our school is a lot like our country. With all these different races come different cultures and dif-ferent people,different music,

    • PDF The School Board of Gadsden County - SCHOOLinSITES

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      Student Form: Terms and Conditions for Use of the Internet in the Gadsden School District Internet access is now available to students and teachers in the Gadsden County School District. We believe that the Internet offers vast, diverse and unique resources to both students and teachers.

    • PDF Update CHIP FINAL (2) lth.gov

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      Update [2013 GADSDEN COUNTY ... Low County Health Ranking outcomes High percentage of population that are ... Likewise, Gadsden County middle school students with a BMI at/or above the 95th percentile was 23.2% in 2010. ...