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    • Mortgage or Fixed Equity Loan Budget Easy Pay Authorization

      Navy Federal Credit Union offers you the convenience of automatically deducting your mortgage or fixed equity loan payments from one of your accounts at Navy Federal or an account at another financial institution. With Budget Easy Pay, you get the added benefit of paying off your loan sooner, reducing the


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      services, you can shop around to get the lowest possible price, such as title services. And in some cases, the loan can be structured to include the closing costs in the loan amount and reduce the amount of cash you need at closing. In any case, putting aside 3% of the loan value for closing costs should cover your bases.

    • SBA Loan Chart Quick Reference Guide 10 15

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      CDC loan provided from SBA 100% guaranteed debenture sold to investors at fixed rate secured by 2nd lien. CDC Loan: 10- or 20-year term fixed interest rate. Lender Loan: Unguaranteed financing may have a shorter term. May be fixed or adjustable interest rate Fixed rate on 504 Loan established when the debenture backing loan is sold.

    • Strategies for Paying Off Debt

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      •It can be difficult to get life insurance, a home, and a job. •Not all debts are forgiven. Child support, alimony, fines, taxes, and some student loan obligations. •SPEAK WITH A CREDIT COUNSELOR for FREE!!!!

    • The Home Depot Project Loan

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      Quick, easy apply and buy Application process (no paperwork needed at time of application – personal ID required only) Personalized card sent to home within 7 – 10 days of loan approval (replaces Temporary Shopping Pass) No closing costs and no down payment necessary No annual or application fees

    • The Risks of “easy money”

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      • You cannot get copies of the loan documents • You are being pressured to make a decision quickly • You don’t know where the loan company is actually located • The lender won’t talk to you or answer questions Here’s how you can tell if an “easy money” loan may be bad for you – What are the alternatives to these types of loans?