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    • Auto Financing Tips - Money Smart CBI

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      Auto Financing Tips . Consider the following auto financing tips when purchasing a car: Order a copy of your credit report and correct any errors several months before shopping for a car. Shop around for auto financing before going to the dealer. Get pre-approved for a loan from a bank or credit union.

    • Auto Loan

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      MITC covers the following Loan Products: 1. SBI Car Loan per the laid down instructions. The inspection fee of Rs. 350/ 2. SBI NRI Car Loan 3. SBI Used car Loan 4. SBI Certified Pre-approved Car Loan 5. SBI Two-wheeler loan Purpose for which Auto loan can be availed: The loan will be sanctioned for the purpose purchase of new Cars/used cars, Multi

    • Buying a USED CAR

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      Get pre-approved for nancing If you don t have the cash to buy your used vehicle outright, you ll need to get an auto loan Being pre-approved for an auto loan from your credit union is a good idea You ll know how much you can spend, which will give you some negotiating power with a dealer or used car lot, as they ll know you are serious

    • Car Loans

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      offer straightforward Car Loans to get you on the road, fast! Like all of our products our Car Loans are simple to understand, easy to access and quick to be approved. Simple, easy, no fuss. Really? You bet. Even better, we can offer a pre-approved Car Loan so you have more negotiating clout behind you. And pre-approval means you are

    • Five Steps to Stress-Free Car Buying

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      to cost you almost $30,000. Instead, go see your local credit union before you shop to get pre-approved financing. Tell the credit union what your total monthly car ownership budget is. You can trust the credit union to approve you for a loan you can afford. With pre-approved financing, based on your car-buying

    • Own It.

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      knowledge of the loan terms and interest rate you should expect. You’ll be able to quickly tell if a dealer’s offer is a truly fair and affordable one. If not, your pre-approval lets you visit other venues until you find one. Car-buying made easier As you can tell, there are multiple reasons for getting pre-approved prior to car shopping.

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