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    • [PDF File] Living in Christ Jesus Christ


      I love your exuberant energy, your joy in living, your passion for jus-tice, your challenging spirit, your intellectual curiosity, and your fierce loy- ... God and how we are to live and act upon our faith. As you learn about Jesus through this book and in this course, my

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    • [PDF File] God, Whose Love Is Reigning, o’er Us


      Holy God of ancient glory, choosing man and woman, too; Abr’am’s faith and Sarah’s story formed a people bound to you. Alleluia, Alleluia, to your covenant keep us true. Covenant, new again in Jesus, Star-child born to set us free; sent to heal us, sent to teach us how love’s children we might be. Alleluia, Alleluia, risen Christ, our ...

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    • [PDF File] Living in Christ Jesus Christ


      The Creed expresses a Trinitarian faith in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Creed identifies Jesus’ birth, death, Resurrec-tion, and Ascension as key events in our salvation. The Creed states the four “marks” or characteristics of the Church: the Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.

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    • [PDF File] Love God, Love People - Sunday School Works


      is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. 40 On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.” -Matthew 22:37-40 Jesus was saying that if we put God first, everything else will naturally follow. If we truly love God with all that we have, we should want to follow the other Laws, because we genuinely love Him.

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    • [PDF File] LOVE THAT WILL NOT GO AWAY Romans 8:35-39


      love of God, involves the intercession of the Holy Spirit, the sovereign work of God in fulfilling His eternal purposes concerning us, and finally the intercession of Christ. Verse 31 seems to be a summary of what Paul was saying: God, the Triune God, isfor us, so who can successfully stand against us? We have in the five last verses of Romans 8,

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    • [PDF File] god is love - Logo of the BBC


      God is love, all is there! Jesus came to show Him, That mankind might know Him: Sing aloud, loud, loud! Sing aloud, loud, loud! God is good! Good is truth! God is beauty! Praise Him! None can see God above; All have here man to love; Thus may we Godward move, Finding him in others, Holding all men brothers: Chorus.

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    • [PDF File] Goodness of God lyrics - WCFI


      GOODNESS OF GOD Bethel Music VERSE 1: I love You Lord Oh Your mercy never fails me All my days I’ve been held in Your hands From the moment that I wake up Until I lay my head I will sing of the goodness of God CHORUS 1: All my life You have been faithful All my life You have been so, so good With every breath that I am able

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    • [PDF File] Opening Hymn No. 100: God, Whose Love Is Reigning o’er Us


      1: God, whose love is reigning o’er us, source of all, the ending true; hear the universal chorus raised in joyful praise to you: Alleluia, Alleluia, worship ancient, worship new. 2: Word of God from nature bringing springtime green and autumn gold; mountain streams like children singing, ocean waves like thunder bold: Alleluia, Alleluia, as ...

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    • [PDF File] 'All About Love' Sunday School Lesson from Matthew 22:34-46


      LOVE your NEIGHBOR as yourself.All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” – Matthew 22:37-40 NIV Jesus turned all of those rules into just two simple ones. LOVE God. And LOVE others. When you keep the Sabbath as a day for Jesus, that’s a way of loving Him. And when you obey your parents, that’s a way of …

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    • [PDF File] WHAT LOVE, MY GOD - CityAlight


      WHAT LOVE, MY GOD Words and Music by JONNY ROBINSON, RICH THOMPSON & MICHAEL FARREN 1. ™™ 2. % 5 ™™ 8 11 ToCoda 1. 14 ™™ 2, 3. 18 22 4 4 & C C“ C C“ C & C What love my God, God, God, God, VERSE 1/2/3/4 C would would could so bring send hold gra You the You cious-down Way to and F to of the ex earth? Life tree treme C …

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    • [PDF File] Lyric Booklet - Dan Schutte


      5 • SO THE LOVE OF GOD Broad and high, deep and wide, so shall be the love of the Lord. Always true, ever old and new, so the love of God. Once we were lost, orphans of night, left but to wander, longing for the light. Found by a love that would not let us go, we are God’s children, family forever. Strong are the arms of God’s mercy

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    • [PDF File] Rooted And Established | EXPERIENCING THE POWER AND LOVE OF GOD - Cru


      It appears what Paul is saying is that maturity can be seen in love. Growing Chris-tians have a growing understanding of God’s love for them and conse- quently that love is shown through them. This is why Paul can say, “Christ’s love compels us.” (2 Corinthians 5:14-15) To be mature isn’t necessarily accomplish- ing great feats or

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    • [PDF File] God So Loved the World - CPDL


      God should not per ish, -should not per ish, -but have ev er -last - ing -life. For God should not per ish, -should not per ish, -but have ev er -last -ing -life. 25 sent not his Son in to -the world to con -demn the world, God sent not his Son in to -the sent not his Son in to -the world to con -demn the world, God sent not his Son in to -the ...

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    • [PDF File] Love, Liberty, and the Glory of God I Corinthians 10:23-33 July 16 ...


      The Declaration of Independence sets forth a triad of unalienable rights that Americans are to preserve: “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”. As we come to 1 Corinthians 10, the apostle Paul sets forth a different kind of triad, a triad of priorities that God sets forth for every believer to preserve and promote: love, liberty ...

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    • [PDF File] Sermon for September 5, 2021—“We’ve Got Work to Do


      sacrifice for our sins. Since God loved us so much, we ought to love one another. If we love one another, God lives in us, and his love is perfected in us. Our relationship with God is based solely on God’s love for us, made known through— above all else—the gift of His Son. But our faith in Jesus Christ bears fruit in love for God,

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    • [PDF File] god is love, let heaven adore him


      God is Love, eternal Love. 2 God is Love; and Love enfolds us, all the world in one embrace: with unfailing grasp God holds us, every child of every race. And when human hearts are breaking under sorrow’s iron rod, then we find that selfsame aching deep within the heart of God. 3 God is Love; and though with blindness sin afflicts all human ...

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    • The Love Expressed in God’s Name


      God’s love on each heart. Say, “God’s love for us is deep and profound, and we should live in comfort, knowing we can call on the name of God who loves us.” Engage Option 3 Search the internet for “God Loves Us | Craig Groeschel #shorts.” Play the video as you begin the session. Say, “Despite our sin against God, He displayed His ...

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    • [PDF File] Christ’s Love for the Church - GLZBC


      God says that a husband should love his wife just as he loves himself. As a husband nourishes, protects, and provides for his wife, he “loves himself ” (vv. 28, 29). Christ’s love for the church is a secure love. The love of a husband for his wife should be the same (verse 31). When a

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    • [PDF File] The following excerpt is taken from God's Creative Power for Healing by ...


      God's Medicine I am FREE from unforgiveness and strife. I forgive others and Christ has forgiven me, for the love of God is shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost. (Matt. 6:12; Rom. 5:5.) Jesus bore my sins in His Body on the tree; therefore I am dead to sin and alive unto God and by His stripes I am healed and made whole.

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    • [PDF File] The Fruit of the Spirit Is Love - Adult Bible Study Guide


      Love also leads God to give us His Son to save us . John says it so clearly—“God is love” (1 John 4:16) . Because love is such an important part of God’s character, love must be important to us too . “Anyone who leads a life of love shows that he is joined to God . And God is joined to him” (verse 16, NIrV) . Sadly, the word . love

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    • [PDF File] “Living in the Presence of God” - Preacher Notes


      1. Until Isaiah saw God and felt what it was to stand in the very presence of God, Isaiah was pretty much an ordinary person. a. Certainly religious, church-goer. Probably recognized by people as a good person. b. Undoubtedly he prayed, …

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    • [PDF File] Let God Love You - Maranatha Community


      Empty before God. Say nothing. Ask nothing. Be silent. Be still. Let God look upon you that is all. He knows. He understands. He loves you with an enormous love. He only wants to look upon you with His love. Quiet. Still be. Let God – love you. Edwina Gateley Give me a candle Give me a candle of the Spirit O God, as I go down into the deep of ...

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    • The Love of God


      kz k‚ k‚ k k‚ kk‚ kk‚ k‚ kz k‚ k‚ k‚. 1. The love of God is great - er far Than tongue or pen can ev - er. 2. When years of time shall way, And earth - ly thrones and king - doms. 3. Could we k with ink k the fill, And were the skies parch - ment. fff 34 k k kz kz k.

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      Psalm 139:1 I know when you sit down and when you rise up. Psalm 139:2 I am familiar with all your ways. Psalm 139:3 Even the very hairs on your head are numbered. Matthew 10:29-31 For you were made in my image. Genesis 1:27 In me you live and move and have your being. Acts 17:28 For you are my offspring.

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      God’s love in Christ has opened the way for us to subdue the selfishness, the lovelessness, and the distrust in our sinful natures. Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God is the image of the invisible God (Col 1:15). We, who are in Him, the image of the invisible God, are now called on to reflect God’s self-giving love in a world that has ...

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