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  • good persuasive speech topics 2019


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      EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEECH TOPIC When interviewing what is the most important attribute an employer should look for in a candidate? EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEECH TOPIC Discuss one business that you feel practices excellent customer service. EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEECH TOPIC Which type of team building event would you feel a

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    • Persuasive Speech Outline

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      Persuasive Speech Outline You’ll be delivering a Persuasive Speech on the topic of your choosing. Pick a topic that: ... and from the good smells & good feelings that having a live tree provides. So, I hope that in the future, you’ll make a real, live ... Avoid divisive topics like abortion or …

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      SPEECH TOPIC IDEAS* Due to teacher requests for speech topic suggestions, a list of speech titles from the past years can be found below. This list is intended to be a springboard for brainstorming and discussion. Speech titles identical to those listed, while not against the rules, could possibly cause controversy. My School Life

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    • Speech Structure and Outlining

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      © 2019 Main Idea •When I am finished with my speech, I want my audience to know _____. •Clear Introduction •Easy-to-follow middle

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    • Speaking Date: . Guidelines for a Persuasive Speech What ...

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      (2019-20) Page 1 Speaking Date: . Guidelines for a Persuasive Speech What is Persuasion? A good working definition of persuasion is: "An honest, ethical attempt to influence others. It is motivated by the persuader's sincere conviction that the view held or the action advocated is the right one."

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      Vincennes University Jasper Academic Center for Excellence Topic Helpers, continued Persuasive 652 Speech Topics Actually, it’s a list of over 1,000 persuasive speech topics. I Have a …

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    • Introduction to Speech Communication SPC 1017 (3998 ...

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      Take good notes. • 3 x 5 index cards: You may use only 3 x 5 cards for speech notes. ... Speech Assignment: Persuasive Speech (100 points; 1-2 minutes): Each student will perform a Persuasive Speech according to the assignment. Submit an outline. ... Prohibited Visual Aids and Speech Topics (we respect students under 18 years of age):

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