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      (1) beyond trailers: creating a more flexible, efficient, and cost-effective federal disaster housing program tuesday, april 24, 2007 u.s. senate, ad hoc subcommittee on disaster recovery of the committee on homeland security and governmental affairs, washington, dc.


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      3. All other documents related to formaldehyde in Forest River travel trailers sold to FEMA following the GulfCoast Hurricanes of2005. 4. Documents sufficient to show (a) how many Forest River travel trailers have been sold in each ofthe last eight years, (b) howmuch revenue the sale ofthese travel trailers

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      7/28/2015 · County of Inyo Board of Supervisors. July 28, 2015 . The Board of Supervisors of the County of Inyo, State of California, met in regular session at the hour of 8:35 a.m., on Tuesday, June 28, 2015, in the Board of Supervisors Room, County Administrative Center,


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      WHAT IS THE FEDERAL CENTER STATION PROPERTY? The Federal Center is a 59-acre property in Lakewood, Colorado, by the federal government and owned ... and Preliminary Injunction to prevent the imminent sale of a 59-acre, surplus portion of the Federal Center ... such as FEMA trailers, geodesic dome structures, and ...

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      For Sale Property Information • Income producing • 13.52 ± acres • 3 office trailers ... This map was produced using data from private and government sources deemed to be reliable. The information herein is provided without representation or warranty ... • 12’ Above FEMA flood Elevation • Designed to withstand up to 130 MPH Wind Speed

    • HURRICANE KATRINA - Stacey E. Pickering

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      In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, all levels of government stepped up to provide assistance to state agencies, counties, schools, universities, community colleges, and municipalities. ... • More than 101,000 people are housed temporarily in 36,770 FEMA-provided travel trailers and ... federal law.6 The Federal Emergency Management Agency ...

    • HURRICANE KATRINA - Stacey E. Pickering

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      In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, all levels of government stepped up to provide assistance to state ... Much of the federal assistance flowing into the State has come through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has ... • More than 90,000 people are housed temporarily in ...

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      HOW TO DO BUSINESS WITH FEMA Thank you for your interest in doing business with FEMA. The Small Business Program has outlined a process to ensure information about your company™s products or services is routed to the appropriate FEMA contracting and acquisition professionals in your region.

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      Thank you for your interest in TPD Trailers Page 2-4: Company Contact Information (POC) ... 9A. Government purchase cards are accepted at or below $10.00 9B. Government purchase cards are not accepted above $60,000 ... FEMA (aluminum-sided) Trailers were deemed uninhabitable due to Formaldehyde fumes.


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      purchase travel trailers from Fleetwood for sale to FEMA as emergency housing. 6. Fleetwood sold approximately 10,500 travel trailers to Morgan Buildings & Spas, Inc. for provision to FEMA following hurricanes Katrina and Rita. 7. Fleetwood Travel Trailers of Texas, Inc. provided the Dubuclet travel trailer