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  • great employee evaluation sample

    • 90-Day Evaluation

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      The review is between you and your employee. Keep it confidential. Review the goals as part of your ongoing supervision. Your goal should be helping your employee reach their goals. S:\Human Resources\HR Forms\Employee Evaluation Fo rms\90 Day Evaluation.doc saved: 27 January 2006

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    • Employee Evaluation

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      Employee should complete this section first by listing the previous year’s goals and their explanation of the progress and/or accomplishments and submitting it to their supervisor. The supervisor will then cut/paste this information into the evaluation and make appropriate comments.

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    • Employee’s Safety Review - CVMA

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      Employee’s Safety Review Add this safety review to the employee’s performance appraisal. A candid response to each question is encouraged. Include relevant comments as needed. Circle One (Scoring 1 = Poor, 2 = Below Average, 3 = Average, 4 = Above Average, 5 = Outstanding

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    • Example of a Well-Written Performance Evaluation

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      Performance Evaluation Workshop Supports slide 51 1 Example of a Well-Written Performance Evaluation . Jan Diver - Employee Evaluation . September 24, 20 13 - September 24, 20 14 Quality/Quantity of Work . Jan performs a wide variety of office support tasks, including receptionist duties, typing correspondence, data entry, and filing.

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    • HOUSEKEEPER Job Summary and Performance Criteria

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      Evaluation Comments Miscellaneous Information Information explaining the Essential Functions, and the Competency Evaluation columns, as well as the Risk Exposure Category legend is provided in the “Job Position Analysis Information” section located on the last pages of this job description. (Note: The number assigned to each

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    • New Employee Performance Evaluation - Administration Offices

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      The New Employee Performance Evaluation is an opportunity to reiterate goals and expectations with a new team member. Training and development needs are discussed and a plan is established as applicable. At this time, the new employee should determine if he/she is committed to continued employment at NSU.

    • Performance Appraisal Plan Examples

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      Sample Employee Plan • Sample Supervisory Plan . ... Evaluation will be by the supervisor through (1) observation, (2) review of work product results, and (3) discussions with employee, co-workers, customers and superiors. The supervisor is satisfied that the employee:


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      STAFF EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION Name of Employee Department Date of Evaluation ... College as it continues with programs for developing employees. The appraisal should, therefore, be prepared with great care, in order that it will be fair and accurate. ... employee and supervisor should sign the form to confirm this discussion.

    • SUPERVISOR COMMENTS: (Supervisors answered one or both …

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      great ambassador for Loyola. 7. She was a delightful young lady and finished tasks as requested. However, as a ... She provided good evaluation of information from any Merrill Lynch ... will make someone at some corporation an outstanding employee. 71. (Student) was a pleasure to work with. He clearly showed a genuine interest for

    • WORK PERFORMANCE - University of Colorado Denve

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      Professionalism: Intern exhibits self-confidence and maturity. Projects a professional appearance. Displays a willingness to learn. Accepts suggestions and constructive feedback.