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    • 1. Mendel’s Experiments d's Message Board

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      Describe the experiments and conclusions of Gregor Mendel. Analyze the results of genetic crosses. ... Answer the following questions after the “Punnett’s Contributions to Genetics: Development of a Tool to Predict the Outcomes of Matings” video:

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      Gregor Mendel’s. contributions to the study of variation & heredity? ( crossbreeding pea plants? (7-paired traits: dominant & recessive) ( personal background? (education, religion, etc.) ( Mendel’s increasing relevance? (ca. 1900) ( Did early 20th-century biologists agree on the significance of Mendelian genetics? Explain the debates.

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      Discuss Mendel’s contributions to the study of genetics. 18. Briefly explain how Gregor Mendel set up his experiment with pea plants. 19. Briefly explain what the principle of independent assortment states: Identify the parts of and explain the functions of cells, chromosomes, and genes. 20.

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    • Contributions to the Discovery of DNA

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      Contributions to the Discovery of DNA. Contributor(s) Contribution Gregor Mendel Demonstrated and quantified inheritance of traits between generations. 1857, Austria. Frederick Griffith Discovered . transformation. 1928, bacteriologist trying to develop a vaccine against Streptococcus pneumoniae.

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      Evaluate historical contributions in the development of health care. 8% 4% HT02.01 Discuss medical treatments and beliefs from ancient civilizations through the Renaissance. 2% 1% HT02.02 Describe medical advances made in 16th- 20th century health care. 2% 1% HT02.03 Research men and women who made historical contributions to health care. 2% 1% ...

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    • In the mid-1800s, a monk named Gregor Mendel, working in ...

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      gregor johann mendel (1822-1884) Mendel observed that the offspring of certain plants had physical characteristics similar to the physical characteristics of the plants' parents or ancestors. Gregor Mendel wondered why related organisms, both plant and animal, tended to resemble one another and how familial resemblances might be explained.

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      The Augustinian monk Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) conducted his experiments within the confines of a quiet monastery garden in almost complete anonymity. His findings were written down, but only after his death were his contributions to genetics recognized. Mendel chose the common garden pea, Pisum sativum, as his experimental model.

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      List three contributions of Gregor J. Mendel to the understanding of genetics. What was Mendel's primary "experimental" organism? What is self pollination? Why was this important to Mendel? What was the title of Mendel's published work (English and German titles), and the journal and date in which it was published. List three contribution of ...