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    • Fundraising Success

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      No matter what your resources, the key to fundraising success is to compose and follow a plan of action. Your plan must be your own design. It must detail how you will meet your specific needs and achieve your goals. Your plan should identify and combat your weaknesses while leveraging your strengths.

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    • Preface - Saylor Academy

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      This textbook has been on my mind since 1994, when I sat in my own undergraduate sociology research methods class, enjoying the material but also wondering about its relevance to my everyday life and future plans (the idea that one day I would be teaching such a class hadn’t yet occurred to me).

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    • mikelouisscott.com

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      Bestbuy store, save 10% in store, postfuture::coupons . CIO Note: 05/05/08 Monday 5:45 P.M.. I peeled and diced into half inch to three quarter inch cubic chunks the fresh Del Monte pineapple, and I put the chunks in a metal mixing bowl.

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    • mikelouisscott.com

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      Also the eBay Store - WATCH BATTERIES NOW: ENERGIZER BATTERY 371 to 390, LITHIUM, ENERGIZER BATTERY 350 to 370 for my new Pulsar watch I ordered two 1 #377/376 ENERGIZER WATCH BATTERY FREE SHIPPING - eBay (item 200285644795 end time Jan-06-09 16:40:23 PST) for $1.20 each for $2.40 total.

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    • scott-mike.com

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      Note: 05/31/07 Thursday 8:15 P.M.: I ate the same meal as the last four nights. I went out, and I took the four rear license plate light screws out, and I replaced them with four sheet metal aluminum screws that I oiled, so in the future, the bulbs should not be so hard to replace.

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