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    • An 8% Guaranteed Rate of Return - Back to Back Annuities

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      An 8% Guaranteed Rate of Return Rino Racanelli I f your bank or financial institution was offering an 8% guaranteed investment certificate (GIC), would you accept the offer? Of course you would! Who wouldn’t want that guarantee? The problem is that no institution in their right mind could make such an offer considering the current interest ...

    • Guaranteed Income Fund Fund Fact Sheet - Prudential Retirement

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      U.S. Treasury Rates As of 6/30/2019 5 Year 1 2 3 Jul Aug SepOctNovDecJanFebMar AprMayJun 2018 2019 0% Objective & Structure The Guaranteed Income Fund (GIF) is a Stable Value fund designed to provide safety of principal, liquidity, and a competitive rate of return. The Fund Offers Stability of crediting rate

    • Guaranteed Investment Agreement of Amicus Investment Ltd ...

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      Amicus 6 and 12-month Renewable Fixed Term Accounts with Guaranteed Annual Return of 5.00% and 6.25%: The new investment period on these accounts always starts on the date when we have received the relevant funds from the client. Capital and agreed returns are automatically re-invested at

    • Guaranteed Returns in Retirement Savings Plans: Are They ...

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      a government entity with a minimum guaranteed real return of 3 percent. Her proposal would set up a system, similar to the TIAA example, whereby trustees would build and manage a reserve fund and could allocate additional rates of return to savers.6 The California Secure Choice Retirement Savings Investment Board is investigating the

    • MassMutual Guaranteed Interest Account

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      MassMutual Guaranteed Interest Account Product Features 1 The MassMutual Guaranteed Interest Account (or “GIA”) is a stable value investment with a guaranteed rate of return and a guarantee of principal that is backed by the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (“MassMutual®”) general investment account.

    • Synthetic Guaranteed Investment Contracts 6/2013

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      over the investment management agreement and the investment manager. C.6) No Guaranteed Index or Minimum Return Products Synthetic guaranteed investment contracts have not been approved for use in connection with equity funds to provide guaranteed minimum benefits (i.e. a fixed minimum guarantee related to the initial