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    • International Women's Day

      Mar 01, 2007 · As a gynecologist, I've done probably tens of thousands of pap smears. And the way the test is performed, we take a little spatula, it's called, and actually in the picture it's that blue stick with the white tip, and that passes over the cervix.

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      It was her first and only time she visited Goa and she keeps her memories fresh: “What most impressed me were the coulours”, she says with a smile. Wandering deeper, she remembers how the maids would give her the spicy curry (caril) secretly, because her aunty didn’t like so give her spicy food: “There was one curry for the owners, with ...

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    • [DOC File]Counseling of Female Veterans about Risks of Medication ...

      If you look down all these different variables, really, the numbers are about the same of only about a quarter of women reporting that they had received any type of counseling around teratogenic risks. Nonetheless, most female veterans reported that they were confident.

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    • [DOCX File]UW Obstetrics and Gynecology - Homepage

      1. Patient given post procedure precautions and asked to call for fever, chills, redness or drainage from her incision, bleeding from incision. She understands she will likely have a small bruise near site of removal and can remove bandage tomorrow and steri-strips in approximately 1 week.

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      AS:They always encouraged me to read and to educate myself but at that time, before the war in Poland, not too many girls were really dreaming about finishing university and getting a degree. I don’t think they were thinking that far ahead. No, the tradition was the young girls just gets married and has a family.

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    • [DOC File]Maine Child and Family Services Plan

      Annual Progress & Services Report. June 2015. Maine Department of Health and Human Services. Office of Child and Family Services TABLE OF CONTENTS Page State Agency Administering the Program 3 Practice Model 3 Consultation & Coordination 3 Assessment of Performance 6 Review of CFSP Goals 43 Current Services Supporting the CFSP Goals 58 Demonstration Project 60 Technical Assistance 63 ...

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    • [DOC File]Capacity Enhancement Needs Assessment

      Over 70 percent of women give birth at home, because of the high costs associated with a visit to the hospital. A rural ambulance (SVA) provides a therapist, gynecologist-obstetrician, nurse and medical attendant work. Due to the low quality of potable water two years ago the majority of community members had typhoid fever.

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      AGREE DISAGREE STATEMENT AGREE DISAGREE Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a custom unique to middle-eastern and African cultures. Doctors state that female circumcision is similar to male circumcision. FGM is a customary tradition in some cultures …

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    • [DOCX File]Process of the review - Department of Health

      For female patients, a HITS cut-off score of 10 or greater can be used to classify participants as victimised. Source: (AIHW 2015 ... Only about a third (38.5%) of the practitioners screened all obstetric patients while the remainder screened selected patients for domestic violence. ... women who saw an obstetrician-gynecologist were more ...

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