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  • health worksheets for kids

    • 1. Match them up! - LearnEnglish Kids

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      www.britishcouncil.org/learnenglishkids © The British Council, 2016 The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural ...


    • A Toolkit for Mental Health Awareness - cavamh

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      A Toolkit for Mental Health Awareness The aim of this toolkit is to provide you with information on how to run a Mental Health Awareness session with members of your community. You do not have to follow the toolkit exactly, but it will give you ideas, exercises and …


    • ADA.org: Oral Health Worksheets

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      Counot adlrVisg hlgesD aFFKiVseVKgp aDD HVwBeF HlFlrOl&p Finders Keepers Color the things that help you keep your mouth healthy.

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      FROM SCHOLASTIC AND THE SCIENTISTS OF THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON DRUG ABUSE, NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES3 Blunt: slang term for a cigar filled with marijuana Cannabinoid Receptors: sites on the surface of brain cells where the active ingredient in marijuana attaches to produce the drug’s effects

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    • Guide to Healthy Living - English

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      F E E L I NG GOOD E A T I N G E X E R C I S E J L GUIDE TO HEALTHY LIVING This project is funded in part by L.A. Care Health Plan to improve the health and wellness of people with disabilities.

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    • Healthy and Unhealthy Foods - Super Teacher Worksheets

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      Super Teacher Worksheets - www.superteacherworksheets.com Healthy and Unhealthy Foods Healthy Foods Unhealthy Foods Cut out the food pictures. Decide if the food in each picture is healthy or unhealthy. Glue each picture in the correct column. Cut out each picture along the dotted line.

    • Home Safety with Rover - Safe Kids Worldwide

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      Kids’ Activity Book Home Safety with Rover Made possible by. Hello! My name is Rover, the . Home Safety Hound. I work to sniff out things that are not safe in the home and I fix them. Complete all of the activities in this book and you can become a . Safety Star – have fun!

    • Solar System Scavenger Hunt Activity

      Super Teacher Worksheets - www.superteacherworksheets.com Materials: Solar system questions worksheet (pages 2-3) 18 solar system fact cards (pages 4-8) Tape and scissors ... You can have the kids work by themselves or with partners. Don't be afraid to hide the facts in tough places.

    • Tips for Raising Safe and Healthy Kids U.S. Department of ...

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      Tips for Raising Safe and Healthy Kids Take folic acid and avoid drinking alcohol to help prevent certain birth defects and disabilities. Know your family’s health history to see if you and your baby are at higher risk for certain diseases and conditions. Make sure any health …

    • Workplace Safety Health in Basic Language

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      focused on Safety and Health issues . This kit, funded by Adult Language Training, is an attempt to address that need . The kit provides teachers of CLB Levels 1-3 with Workplace Health and Safety materials appropriate for use in the classroom . The manual provides an