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    • 'Alternative' Medicine Is Mainstream - Qigong

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      potent -- similar to the way that circulation-increasing drugs like Viagra work. For many people, these are choices worth making -- not just to live longer, but also to live better. It's time to move past the debate of alternative medicine versus traditional medicine, and to focus on what works, what doesn't, for whom, and under which ...

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    • Anytimefor as Longas You Want - Runels

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      1. Some think they’re too young for Viagra but need it to achieve a firm erection. 2. Or, maybe they don’t need Viagra to have an erection, but when they have sex, they’re able to have an erection for only 20 or 30 minutes; then they must stop due to fatigue, premature ejaculation, or loss of erection, and would like to be able

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    • By Dr. Mark Hyman

      work poorly, if at all. Most of these drugs are accompanied by frequent side effects. Some doctors are now even using Botox to paralyze neck muscles in the hopes of easing migraines. A new class of medication called triptans (like Imitrex, Maxalt, and Zomig) can stop a migraine once it starts.

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    • Dietary Supplements in Veterinary Practice - Pet Wellness

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      Dietary Supplements in Veterinary Practice Robert J. Silver DVM, MS, CVA RxVitamins.com for Pets rsilver@DrSilverDVM.com Herbs and nutraceuticals are becoming used more commonly by clients for their pets. As a result, veterinarians need to know about these novel remedies in order to evaluate their impact on their patients.


    • Drugs That Grow Hair

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      work. Bogus hair loss treatments also sell well in Central and South America, in Asia, and Europe. This chapter reveals the four most effective medications proven scientifically for treating genetic hair loss. All four of these drugs were originally approved by the FDA for treating medical conditions other than hair loss.

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    • For A Strong Sexual Performance

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      And even when it comes to erection health, I'm not against taken drugs like Viagra or Cialis… It's just that many doctors (not all) are way too quick to prescribe drugs, rather than letting the patient explore natural methods to correcting the problem.

    • Herbal Options Exist for Erectile Dysfunction

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      creases nitric oxide and “works like a natural Viagra,” Dr. Linkner said. The recommended dose is 200-1,000 mg. Muria puama. In European studies, this extract of a shrub (Ptychopetalum olacoides) from the Amazon has been shown to increase erections and libido. It is listed in the British Herbal Phar-macopoeia as a treatment for erectile

    • Investigating a not-so-natural high

      least some of the herbs which are de- ... maceutical products like Viagra that are sold over the Internet,” Auwa¨rter says. “They have a whole system of distribu-tion. Commonly, they have a base over- ... researchers will also work on finding me-tabolites in urine that could be used to detect consumption, even days after the


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      Tummy Tamer work like a liquid band aid by nourishing, protecting and soothing the intestinal lining. Usual Dosage: One dose three times daily. PRODUCT # SIZE 276 168 gm Nourish, protect and sooth intestinal lining • Soothing blend of vitamins and herbs Treats gut irritations • Helps prevent IBS, ulcers and chronic abdominal pain

    • P a l e o S o l u t i o n - 3 6 9

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      oregano oil, actually, a bunch of some other herbs. I've forgotten exactly what I did. I have to dig back through some files to see what herbs I took. But we used herbs like that in our practice all the time and it worked really well. We know they work really well because we redo the test that found the problem and we see that they work really ...

    • Raising Libido, Naturally

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      like Viagra may help symptoms of sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction (and might help women's sexual function - this is controversial), they don't address the underlying root causes of sexual dysfunction and lack of libido. Here are some approaches that get to the underlying source of the problems people experience with sexual