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      Since the University of Pennsylvania does not pay taxes, it would be wise to invest in high dividend stocks rather than low dividend stocks in the same risk class. 18.10 a. If TC = T0 then (Pe - Pb) / D =1. The stock price will fall by the amount of the dividend…

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      Clienteles. The supply of low and high dividend stocks exactly matches the size of the particular clienteles. High tax bracket investors are attracted to low dividend paying stocks. Low (or zero) tax bracket investors are attracted to high dividend paying stocks…

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      Projected dividend yield = Projected dividend/Stock price = $1.28/$19.30 = 6.63%. CFA11.2 An analyst gathered the following information about a common stock: Annual dividend per share $2.10. Risk-free rate 7% . Risk premium for this stock 4%. If the annual dividend …

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      Its dividend yield of nearly 7% (as of late 1999) is in the top quarter of all the stocks in the high-yield stock type, and its revenue and earnings growth have been slow but relatively steady. After several …

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