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    • 2017

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      This document is designed as an introduction to Dubai’s higher education landscape and the application process for universities wishing to establish in Dubai. We hope the information enclosed will encourage you to further explore opportunities for investment in Dubai’s higher education sector. Dr Warren Fox, Chief of Higher Education,

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    • American University of Sharjah Sharjah, United Arab ...

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      Ministry of Education's Higher Education Affairs Division in the United Arab Emirates. AUS is also accredited in the United States of America by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The Bachelor of Science degree programs in chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering

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    • Education Statistics - SCAD

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      dropout, progression to secondary schools, Higher Education and illiteracy. The main sources for these statistics are Abu Dhabi Education Council, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, UAE University, Zayed University and Higher Colleges of Technology. The Explanatory Notes section at the end of this report provides an ...

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    • Globalization, Education and Emiratisation: A Study of the ...

      of education for UAE nationals (The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, 2004). The 2001 educational budget represented a high water mark following a sustained period of educational growth and development during the previous two decades. To contextualize the United Arab Emirates education system it is necessary to

    • HCT Fact Book 2017-18

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      HCT FACT BOOK 2017-2018 HCT Overview Founded in 1988 by Federal Decree the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) is the largest higher educational institution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), having a well- respected reputation for innovative and hands-on, workplace relevant teaching and learning methodologies,

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    • Higher Education Marketing and Communication Manager

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      RIT Dubai is a not-for-profit university located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is affiliated with the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, USA. The university is fully accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and is licensed in Dubai by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

    • Higher and higher

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      The Value of Education Higher and higher Our latest report in The Value of Education series, Higher and higher, looks at parents’ ambitions for their children, their views on the costs and benefits of education, and the sacrifices they are prepared to make to ensure their children can fulfil their potential.

    • International Trends in Higher Education 2016–17

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      higher education sector, which in turn produces graduates with the skills needed by local and regional employers, is shared by all national education reforms. But the manner in which countries aim to achieve that goal varies considerably. Turning to two specific examples, Ecuador and India have both


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      RECOGNIZES LIST OF EDUCATION INSTITUTES IN INDIA S.No University Name Web Address 1 Acharaya N G Ranga Agricultural University http://www.angrau.net


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      SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH & HIGHER EDUCATION IN THE Arab WORLD Dr. Sultan T. Abu-Orabi Secretary General 1 ... Statistics on Higher Education in the Arab World for the Year 2011 (Association of Arab Universities) Country ... United Arab Emirates 66 Tunisia 23 Jordan 22 Syria 20 Algeria 13 Iraq 10 Oman 8 Sudan 7

    • United Arab Emirates - Human Development

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      United Arab Emirates has a GII value of 0.232, ranking it 49 out of 160 countries in the 2017 index. In United Arab Emirates, 22.5 percent of parliamentary seats are held by women, and 78.8 percent of adult women have reached at least a secondary level of education compared to …

    • United Arab Emirates University Quality Assurance …

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      Make a positive contribution to the advancement of United Arab Emirates by preparing graduates for future leadership, providing quality education that meets international standards, developing research solutions in areas strategic to the nation, and collaborating effectively with other organizations to promote knowledge in the society.

    • World Data on Education Données mondiales de l’éducation ...

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      The University of the United Arab Emirates was set up in 1977 according to . Federal Law No. 4. of 1976. In 1992, this Law was amended to stipulate the . autonomy of the University after the creation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Federal Law No. 29 . of 2006 on the Rights of Persons with Special Needs

    • www.pwc.com/me How VAT impacts you

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      Prescribed education supplies are traditionally exempt from VAT and this may be the case in the GCC although some countries could be contemplating the application of a zero-rate. Exemption means that no VAT will be charged on the provision of such supplies and VAT incurred in relation to making these supplies can not be reclaimed.