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    • 1.1 Licensing of higher education institutions

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      Attest academic qualifications issued by private institutions of higher education accredited in the country (continuous student) Certificate equivalency (qualifications issued from higher educational institutions outside the UAE) Enrol / register students in public institutions of higher education Issuing new license for a private institution

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    • COUNTRY REPORT: The United Arab Emirates

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      The UAE higher education sector currently comprises over 100 providers enrolling approximately 140,000 students, with tertiary enrolments steadily growing year on year.5 Three of these providers, the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), Zayed University, and the Higher Colleges of Technology, are federal government institutions, and operate

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    • College of Engineering

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      Experience American Higher Education in the Gulf American University of Sharjah, founded in 1997, is a not-for-profit, independent, coeducational institution of higher education formed on the American model. AUS integrates liberal studies and professional education to …

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    • Education in the UAE Fact Sheet (English) July 2 2017

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      In 1992, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) was established to oversee the higher education sector as well Box 1. Egypt and the UAE public education system While many different curricula were imported to the UAE in the early days of education,

    • Higher and higher

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      The Value of Education Higher and higher Our latest report in The Value of Education series, Higher and higher, looks at parents’ ambitions for their children, their views on the costs and benefits of education, and the sacrifices they are prepared to make to ensure their children can fulfil their potential.

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    • Implementation of Bioinformatics in UAE Higher Education ...

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      the UAE higher education institutions since UAE is one of the leading countries in the Middle-East that is using cutting-edge technologies in all domains, especially in the sector of education. Furthermore, UAE has always been one of the leading countries in the region that cares about high quality assurance in education

    • Information Systems Development Methodolgies in …

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      federal higher education sector of a developing country, namely the United Arab Emirates (UAE). An empirical study was con- ducted by means of a survey, using a questionnaire and a num- ber of face-to-face interviews with Information Systems (IS) ma- nagers in federal higher education institutions in the UAE…


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      RECOGNIZES LIST OF EDUCATION INSTITUTES IN INDIA S.No University Name Web Address 1 Acharaya N G Ranga Agricultural University http://www.angrau.net

    • Special Edition Higher Education and the Middle East ...

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      of Higher Education, by Tim Walters, Lynne Walters, and Jack Barwind 12 Partnerships, Collaborations, and International Education in the UAE: The Question of Context and Relevancy, by Janet Y. Thomas 15 Internationalization of Higher Education in Jordan, by Nasser Massadeh 18 Benefitting from the Knowledge Economy?

    • Supplementary Guidance

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      Higher education provision in the UAE continues to evolve in terms of its diversity of learning environments and modes of study, and the range of specialist programs. The quality of education available to students within this knowledge-based economy will require “a stronger, broader, more flexible higher education system”, in which universities

    • United Arab Emirates - Human Development

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      United Arab Emirates has a GII value of 0.232, ranking it 49 out of 160 countries in the 2017 index. In United Arab Emirates, 22.5 percent of parliamentary seats are held by women, and 78.8 percent of adult women have reached at least a secondary level of education compared to …

    • Women's Rights in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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      Access to education There are no specific legal obstacles to women's access to education in the UAE, and indeed women comprise the majority of students in secondary and higher education. However it should be highlighted that one of the reasons for the high percentage of women in secondary and higher education is that many

    • World Data on Education Données mondiales de l’éducation ...

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      The University of the United Arab Emirates was set up in 1977 according to . Federal Law No. 4. of 1976. In 1992, this Law was amended to stipulate the . autonomy of the University after the creation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Federal Law No. 29 . of 2006 on the Rights of Persons with Special Needs

    • higher education global trends and emerging opportunities ...

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      higher education institutions in different countries engage in as a response to decreased investment in higher education across a growing number ... Ireland, Nepal, UAE and South Korea have above global average outbound mobility ratios, as do many European countries due to high mobility within Europe. According to UIS data, the distribution of