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  • highest annuity rate available

    • 2016 06 27 cmyk NL - The Wall Street Journal

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      WITH GUARANTEED RATE Company Rating Contract Name Period (years) Rate Assets accumulate at a fixed Midland National A+ Guarantee Ultimate 5 5 years 2.90% Royal Neighbors of America A- Royal Choice 7 7 years 3.10 Royal Neighbors of America A- Royal Choice 10 10 years 3.25 rate for a specified period, then the rate fluctuates.



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      The “8 Year lexible Premium eferred Annuity ( P A)” is ideal for members planning long term investment of their Annuity Funds. This 8 Year FPDA will be opened as an Annuity. Maximum age for opening an account is 85. The 8 Year FPDA offers the highest Annuity interest rate paid by the FCSU. The FCSU guarantees that your deposits will accumulate interest at no less than 2.00%.


    • Annuity Interest Rates Effective June 9, 2017

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      Annuity Interest Rates Effective June 9, 2017 Solving yesterday’s problems with tomorrow’s solutions Summary of Changes: You MORE TIME ANNUITY E-APP IS AVAILABLE NOW! North American’s new Annuity e-App makes it easy to do business. This advanced system helps ensure form accuracy, which means business can be processed

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    • Fixed Index Annuity Portfolio Snapshot

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      Fixed Index Annuity Portfolio Snapshot ... OUR HIGHEST AVAILABLE BASIC FIXED INDEX ANNUITY DESIGN ACCUMULATION POTENTIAL WITH UNIQUE OPTIONAL LIQUIDITY ... participation rate) • 2 Volatility control indexes Up to 7 index account options available • 4 uncapped (subject to index

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    • Index Select Annuity 5 and 7

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      interest rate, this annuity is designed to maximize your earnings potential while minimizing the risk. It’s a premier choice for disciplined savers who want to benefit from an index annuity with the highest index rate cap available at The Standard. How This Annuity Works An …

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    • Multi Year Guarantees - Annuity Financial

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      10% available yearOne one Terminal illness, Disability, Confinement 75% Participation Cap Free Withdrawals Additional Features Commission Product ‐ Power Index 7 S&P Cap with ROP $100k+: 4.20% S&P Cap with ROP: 3.20% 4.00% 0‐75 Max issue age for IRA 70 PerformanceTrigger Rate SPIA Quote Comparisons Available Currently Unavailable