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      ) While their schools and coaches may make millions of dollars in salaries and endorsement deals and are the highest-paid public employees in many states, student athletes can never earn a single penny from their college athletic careers. College athletics are big business.

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      The salaries paid to football coaches comprise a much greater percentage of revenues than do CEO salaries. In 2001, the salaries paid to 22 highest paid football coaches consumed approximately 5.6% of total football revenues (Witosky, 2002). This percentage will, of course vary from school to school.

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      William Kelley . Ms. Norman. English 1123 – 206. 3 April 2013. To Pay, or Not to Pay. Should college athletes be paid? A controversial topic that is nearly impossible to discuss without stepping on …

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      Firms pay handsomely for borrowed interest of this ilk. In 2007, the top twenty highest-paid U.S. athletes will receive endorsement fees approaching $300 million; of that total, Phil Mickelson, LeBron James, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Michelle Wie, will receive $47,000,000, $25,000,000, $20,000,000, and $19,500,000, respectively (Sports ...

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      iii.In 1916, his third year in films, his salary of $10,000 a week made him the highest-paid actor — possibly the highest paid person — in the world 5. __10______

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      I also analyzed several websites that were dedicated to professional baseball to obtain information including statistics over time for each professional team, players’ salaries over time, team profits over time, minimum and average wages for ballplayers over time, famous first salary levels, prior team names and where their relative expansion teams moved to and costs paid to buy franchises over time.

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      have started charities to help children. The financial largess of actors and athletes is vital for many. charities. Julia Roberts, one of the highest-paid actresses of all time, gave $2 million to 9/11 victims. On the other hand, some people think actors and athletes make too much money, especially. compared with those who work in their ...

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      The debate over whether student-athletes should be paid could go on and on. Here’s a look at each side. Why student-athletes should be paid. Being a college student-athlete is a full-time job, bouncing between the weight room, the court/field, classes, and film sessions. College athletics are . …

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      First, in some sports — notably football and men’s basketball — the revenue the athletes generate for colleges and universities are significantly greater than any compensation they receive. College sports is unlike other industries because its primary labor inputs — the athletes — are not paid a salary.

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