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    • Butler County Schools Medications at School

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      The student's name, physician's name, name of medication and correct administration dosage and instructions must be on the bottle. If the medication is an over the counter type, then it must be in the original, unopened container. 3, The parent/guardian must provide the school with a new signed medication authorization each school year


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      HIGHLANDS MEDICATION POLICY NOTICE Dear Elementary Parents, Due to recommendations from the Pennsylvania State Health Department, a new medication policy at Highlands School District was implemented in 2011-12. Included with the changes are the following: 1. Students are no longer permitted to transport medications. 2.

    • Nonacid Reflux in Patients With Chronic Cough on Acid ...

      factors for antireflux surgery. Recent studies indicating that cough can be temporally associated with reflux episodes of pH 4 to 7 (ie, nonacid reflux) reinvigorates the need for a more careful workup in patients with cough suspected to be due to GERD. Aim: To evaluate the frequency of chronic cough associated with nonacid reflux and the response

    • PDF #1 US News & World Report Sleep Center New Patient Questionnaire

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      Main Campus Highlands Ranch Location 1400 Jackson Street 8671 S. Quebec St., Ste 120 Denver, CO 80206 Highlands Ranch, CO 80130 ... Please list drug and medication allergies (Current National Jewish Health patients may skip): ... (tetanus WITH pertussis/whooping cough vaccine) _____ Zostavax ...

    • PDF 2019 Potomac Highlands District Church Camp Held at: Camp ...

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      Highlands District United Methodist Church Camp , it agents, employees, and volunteers, and all other person whatsoever, of an from any accidents, liability, claims , actions, caused of action, controversies, damages or demands, of every kind and character, including losses, costs and expenses, including attorney fees, in any manner arising


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      ADMINISTRATION OF OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATION School Year 2017-2018 Dear Parent or Guardian: To request that Bishop McNamara High School administer any Over-the-Counter medication to your child at school, the following is required: The physician's signed dated authorization for selected medication at school.

    • PDF Asthma Management in the Classroom: What ... - Northern Highlands

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      self-administration of medication by a pupil with asthma under specific conditions 11 www.pacnj.org. Some of your students may be carrying an inhaler and need to use it during your class 12 www.pacnj.org. ... •Cough •Shortness of ...

    • PDF Complete New Patient Paperwork Online! Visit epic ...

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      Please list any medications you are taking (including aspirin, vitamins, supplements or any other over the counter medication). Name of Medication Dose How often do you take Reason for taking medication Chief Complaint _(Reason for Visit): _____ _____ ALLERGIES No Known Drug Allergies

    • PDF Danvers Public Schools 64 Cabot Rd. Danvers, MA 01923

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      The same information is required for all medication, whether prescription or over-the-counter. Medication must be brought to the Nurse's Office by a parent or another adult designated by the parent. Only the School Nurse will accept medication. Medication will be counted, when necessary, and locked in the medication cabinet.

    • PDF Date of Birth: Male Personal History Family History

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      Male Review of Systems Please circle recent symptoms and use lines below to explain. List #. 1. Constitutional: fatigue, poorly (malaise), fever, night sweats, weight gain or loss that doesn't make sense 2. Eyes: dry eyes , irritation , vision change , discharge from eyes , foreign body sensation in eyes


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      Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers, P.C. New P atient History Complete the following information. Please put an X in each box that relates to your problems. Use additional page to answer any questions if more room is needed.

    • PDF GASTRO-OESOPHAGEAL REFLUX Weakly acidic reflux in patients ...

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      reflux and cough either did not consider less acidic reflux events or used event markers and diary annotations to identify cough.4 13-17 This is likely to have underestimated the number of reflux and cough events and may also have been unreliable in determining their time association. We hypothesised that an objective marker of cough and


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      Colorado Allergy & Asthma Centers, P.C. Denver-Highlands Office Physician Monica B. Reddy, M.D. Dr. Reddy joined Colorado Allergy & Asthma Centers in 2016. Her passion is clinical medicine. She believes that the foundation of the doctor and patient relationship is effective communication. She works together with her patients to formulate an ...

    • PDF Highlands Oncology Patient History

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      Highlands Oncology Group Patient History Name (First and Last) _____ Date of Birth _____ Are you allergic to any medications? Yes No If yes, please list the medications that you are allergic to and the type of reaction:

    • PDF Highlands Sport and Spine CHART ID Number

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      Medications: Medication can be used to reduce pain or inflammation. I am aware that long-term use or overuse of medication is always a cause for concern. Drugs may mask pathology, produce inadequate or short-term relief, undesirable side effects, physical or psychological dependence, and may have to be continued indefinitely.

    • PDF Highlands at Brighton Antibiotic Ordering and Tracking Form

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      Medication: Drug: Dose: Frequency & Route: Duration: Dispense as Written. Indication: Prescriber signature/Date/Time: _____ Optional Symptom/HPI Documentation : Fever Y N Cough Y N Urinary Catheter Y N . Dysuria Y N Sputum Y N Central Line Y N

    • PDF Hrca Preschool Registration Packet

      The Highlands Ranch Preschool, Preschool Enrichment and Day Camp programs have made the following efforts to protect children with severe allergies: 1. We require a signed Health Care Plan for children with severe allergies 2. We provide access to prescribed emergency medication provided by the parent 3.

    • PDF K5 & Elementary Medical Policy - Highlands Christian Academy

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      cough must stay home and see a doctor. If your child has a cough or sore throat, he will be permitted in school only with a doctor's note and only if the cough is not distracting to other students. If your child comes to school with congestion, cough, or sore throat, you will be asked to come pick him up if these

    • PDF MGF- maternal grandfather Female Personal History Family History

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      Female Review of Systems Please circle recent symptoms and use lines below to explain. List #. 1. Constitutional: fatigue, poorly (malaise), fever, night sweats, weight gain or loss that doesn't make sense 2. Eyes: dry eyes , irritation , vision change , discharge from eyes , foreign body sensation in eyes

    • PDF New patient history form 081513 - Highlands Family Medicine

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      Did the tetanus shot include whooping cough (pertussis)? Y N HIGHLANDS FAMILY MEDICINE - NEW PATIENT HISTORY FORM Highlands Family Medicine 4500 West 38th Ave, Denver, 80212 Office: 303-420-1297 Fax: 303-420-2953

    • PDF Preparticipation Physical Evaluation HISTORY FORM

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      Preparticipation Physical Evaluation HISTORY FORM (Note: This form is to be filled out by the patient and parent prior to seeing the physician. The physician should keepa copy of this form in the chart.) Date of Exam _____

    • PDF Preschool - 8th Grade Parent/Student Handbook 2018-2019

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      11500 Southern Highlands Parkway • Las Vegas, NV • 89141 (702) 617-6030 ... All medication must be kept in the office including cough drops, inhalers, and all over-the-counter medications. In addition: ... Medication must be in the original container and prescription medication clearly

    • PDF STATE OF FLORIDA Page 1 of 2 School Entry Health Exam

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      DH 3040, 6/02 (Obsoletes previous editions which may not be used) Stock Number: 5744-000-3040-2 STATE OF FLORIDA School Entry Health Exam To Parent/Guardian: Please complete and sign Part I — Child's Medical History. State law for school entry requires a health examination by a legally qualified professional.

    • PDF Sleep Center New Patient Questionnaire

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      Sleep Center New Patient Questionnaire PRIOR TO SCHEDULING: 1. Patient to submit completed questionnaire. Email: CenterS@njhealth.org or fax (303)270-2109 2. If required by patient's insurance, an authorization and/or referral needs to be sent to National Jewish Health Sleep Center.

    • PDF Summer Day Camp Locations and Camp Hours

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      This includes Tylenol, cough medicine, allergy medicine, suntan lotion, etc. Any medication that your child takes regularly, or for a temporary condition, must be brought to the site in the original container and be clearly labeled with the child's name and description of medication/physician and dosage.

    • PDF The 2011 Kentucky Mock Trial Case - PC\|MAC

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      was given cough syrup with hydrocodone in it. The name of the medication was Tussionex, and it was used without incident as the child recovered. The bottle of Tussionex sat in the cabinet for the summer. In the early fall the younger grandchild, Abbey, became ill. Sam was still awaiting a court date and had asked DCBS for a medical card.

    • PDF The Bluebonnet Highlands Review Newsletter

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      The Bluebonnet Highlands Review Newsletter January 2005 NEIGHBORLY REMINDERS New Years Resolution Dec. 31st-Property taxes were due January 1st-HOA dues-BHHA, 10124 Jefferson Hwy., BR., 70809 Last quarter for 2004 estimated tax due 1/18/05 LSU Leisure classes start 578-5778 or lsu.edu/

    • PDF www.highlandsranchdentalcare.com

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      Are you aware of having an allergic or adverse reaction to any medication. dental anesthetic or substance?..... If yes, please list ... Chronic Cough. Yes No Yes No Asthma... Yes No Hay Fever.... Yes No Gold Or Metal Allergy.. Yes No Red Dye Allergy.... . Yes No Acrylic Allergy. . Yes No

    • RESEARCH Open Access Effect of acid suppression therapy on ...

      study using 24-hour cough monitors has shown that pa-tients with IPF have higher cough counts than both normal controls and asthmatics; and that the cough counts correl-ate well with subjective assessments of cough [4]. It has also been demonstrated that cough has a significant, detri-mental effect on quality of life in patients with IPF [5].