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    • Aspiration in Juvenile Squirrels: Etiologies ...

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      She is a veterinarian in Highlands. Ranch ... 2annie'S aniMal hoSpital, hiGhlandS ranCh, Colorado. Abstract: .... Coughing is possible, but not common.

    • Highlands County Community Health Assessment

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      Health resources indicate greater percent of uninsured in Highlands County when ...... Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is a vaccine-preventable but ...

    • Immunisation with a polyvalent pneumococcal - NCBI

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      Effect on respiratory mortality in children living in the New Guinea highlands. IAN D RILEY ... from ALRTI if theysuffered from cough or breath- lessness, and had ...

    • PDF (636 KB) - Gastroenterology

      CLINICAL—ALIMENTARY TRACT. Acoustic Cough—Reflux Associations in Chronic Cough: Potential .... Sandhill Scientific Inc, Highlands Ranch, CO) was then.

    • Within-herd spread of contagious bovine ...

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      eral and respiratory signs are observed: polypnea, coughing, painful ... In the Ethiopian highlands, cattle are the cornerstone of the agricultural system (draft.