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      A HISTORY of the SCOTTISH PEOPLE HEALTH IN SCOTLAND 1840-1940 W W Knox This is Chapter 3 of 10. The others are: Summary of Economy & Society, Education, Employment, Housing, Income, Leisure, Migration, Religion, Transport CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 1 2. ILL HEALTH 1840-1900 2.1 AN OVERVIEW 2 2.2 CHILD MORTALITY 3 2.3 SOME DEADLY DISEASES 3


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      Colorado Allergy & Asthma Centers, P.C. Highlands Ranch Office Physicians Allen D. Adinoff, M.D. Dr. Allen Adinoff joined Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers in 1989. He is certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology. His approach to patient care is characterized by careful listening and taking the time to actively involve

    • GASTRO-OESOPHAGEAL REFLUX Weakly acidic reflux in patients ...

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      GASTRO-OESOPHAGEAL REFLUX Weakly acidic reflux in patients with chronic unexplained cough during 24 hour pressure, pH, and impedance monitoring D Sifrim, L Dupont, K Blondeau, X Zhang, J Tack, J Janssens

    • Is it Urgent or an Emergency? - Children's Hospital Colorado

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      Highlands Ranch (see reverse for a map). Or just consult our handy guide: Ì Allergies (seasonal) Ì Allergic reactions with no trouble breathing Ì Asthma attack with mild wheezing Ì Bloody nose Ì Broken bone or sprain (bone not deformed or sticking out of the skin) Ì Burns (minor) Ì Cough, cold or congestion Ì Cuts (that may require ...

    • My Child Has…Cough

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      Cough Coughs are very common in children, especially during this time of the year. It can often linger for multiple weeks at a time. For coughs that do not have breathing concerns or fevers, it is often safe to monitor at home with some supportive care. Below is a list of things we recommend to help with the cough: Daily probiotics:

    • RESEARCH Open Access Effect of acid suppression therapy on ...

      study using 24-hour cough monitors has shown that pa-tients with IPF have higher cough counts than both normal controls and asthmatics; and that the cough counts correl-ate well with subjective assessments of cough [4]. It has also been demonstrated that cough has a significant, detri-mental effect on quality of life in patients with IPF [5].


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      Highlands 2300 E. County Road 540A Lakeland, FL 33813 ... • Cough • Deviated Septum • Facial Nerve Paralysis • Facial Trauma • Head and Neck Cancer

    • The UConn Buzz - The Eastern Highlands Health District

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      The Eastern Highlands Health Dis-trict District with has some free test kits available to residents of the towns they serve. American Lung Association sells kits for about $15 on their website. If your Radon test kit results are higher than normal and you should mitigate (fix) the problem right away. Radon is a radioactive gas that can

    • for the Humid Highlands of Cameroon

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      • Cough • Sore throat • Whooping couch Parts of Plant Used: Leaves and flowers Preparation: For a tea, pour a quarter liter of boiling water on 5 to 10 pinches of dried leaves and flowers. Drink every day. NB: This herb tea is particularly good for breastfeeding mothers, as it stimulates milk production.

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