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    • Comparing share-price performance of a stock

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      Step 1: Download stock prices and dividends The easiest method of calculating returns from publicly-available information is to use a source such as . Yahoo! Finance. You will need to specify the stock’s ticker symbol, the range of time, and the interval. For example, suppose I want to calculate the relative stock performance for Walt

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    • Relationship between Interest Rate and Stock Price ...

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      real interest rate, exchange rate, the stock market index and found that there is an inverse relationship between stock prices and interest rate. Zordan (2005) said that historical evidence illustrates that stock prices and interest rates are



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      The historical stock price of Intel, along with its customers and competitors for the year 2000, was considered. This historical stock price is considered since it provides us different indices such as Day’s High stock price, Day’s Low stock price, Opening stock price, Closing stock price, Trading

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      Wyeth’s historical stock prices and split history are provided by Bloomberg LP. Pfizer makes no claims concerning the accuracy of the information provided on these pages, and will not be held liable for any use of this information. Action Type Record Date Adjustment Pre-Split Stock Price Stock …

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    • Stock Selection Based on Cluster and Outlier Analysis

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      cember 31, 2001) prices from Yahoo! Finance (chart.yahoo.com). These prices are adjusted for stock splits and dividends. The outlier statistics are then determined upon these prices. Note: These prices are not detrended as above in the use of PAM. We then use a nine year data period to set up the historical trading strategies. We did this for ...

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    • Short Selling around the 52-Week and Historical Highs

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      when the stock price is close to its historical high and overreact to bad news when the price is far from the historical high (Li and Yu 2012). Taken together, the nearness of a stock price to its 52-week and historical highs indicates not only the relative levels of current prices but also the presence of investors' anchoring bias. This

    • Event-based stock market prediction - Machine learning

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      web-sites that provide daily information for the stock prices and earnings announcements, only a few of them provides historical data. In particular, www.nasdaq.com and finance.yahoo.com provides historical data for di erent companies, but there is no publicly available API to collect the earnings announcements data.

    • STOCKMARKETPREDICTION% - Computer Engineering

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      8"|Page" " 1 INTRODUCTION% 1.1 OBJECTIVE% In"the"pastdecades,"there"is"an"increasing"interestin"predicting"markets"among"economists," policymakers,"academics"and ...

    • Stock and Bond Market Indexes Major stock market indexes

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      treated equally. In both indexes stock splits and stock dividends are considered by making the appropriate adjustment to the stock’s price. - The DJIA, S&P 500 Composite and NASDAQ Composite and Equally Weighted Indexes are weighted averages of stock prices that are included in the index.

    • Determining Your Tax Basis in Shares of Verizon ...

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      Determining Your Tax Basis in Shares of Verizon Communications Inc. Common Stock This worksheet describes some of the information needed to computer gain or loss, for income tax purposes, if you sell or otherwise dispose of your Verizon Communications Inc. (“Verizon”) common stock…

    • Price History - SteelBenchmarker™

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      products and 3 USA scrap prices. Of these, here are four benchmark prices for hot-rolled band September 11, 2019: USA –$636 per metric tonne ($577 per net ton), FOB the mill – down $8 from $644 ($584 nt) two weeks ago, up $224 from the recent low of $412 ($374 nt) on Dec. 14,

    • Can we predict a Stock Price?

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      $100.00; another group of 3 companies which stock price range between $20.00 and $100.00 and finally, we choose 4 companies which stock are under $20.00. 2-From www.yahoo.com we get the historical price of all stocks for one year (week- end excluded) and download them into excel Spreadsheet.

    • Stochastic Processes and Advanced Mathematical Finance

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      Advanced Mathematical Finance Models of Stock Market Prices Rating Mathematically Mature: may contain mathematics beyond calculus with ... that stock prices vary both up and down on short times. The change is ... Data for the Wilshire 5000 is easy to obtain. For example, the Yahoo Finance page for W5000 provides a download with the Date, Open ...

    • STOCK MARKET SIMULATION - Worcester Polytechnic …

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      performed an eight-week stock market simulation, each specializing in a particular ... portfolio; another used company history and projected growth to invest in the life sciences, the third member used historical analysis to invest in the gaming industry, and the last member used the income and growth strategies to invest ... Stock prices in US ...

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