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      American Government: 12th Grade 9/25/21 Curriculum and Instruction Support 8 Unit Two: Three Branches of Government Unit Overview: In a democracy, part of the government’s role is to provide for the general welfare of those living within its borders. Elected officials must determine what is needed for the common good.

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      of homeschool instruction (including virtual instruction and schools); teaching style and curriculum source; subjects taught; and homeschool activities. Estimates include responses by student, family, and parent characteristics (i.e., student’s homeschool status, age, sex, race/ethnicity, homeschool grade equivalent, disability status, highest

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      CURRICULUM December 2012 I. Course Description American Government Grades 10, 11, 12 Half-year elective American Government is a half-year elective course that aims to increase the students’ knowledge of the most essential political, economic, social and historical aspects of this nation’s government.

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      an important reason for their decision to homeschool (table 3). • Websites, homeschooling catalogs, public libraries, and bookstores were the more frequently cited sources of curriculum for homeschooled students in 2012. Curricula from public and private schools were among the least cited (figure 2).

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      government and institutions, the country was founded as a republic. The people themselves determine what their government will do by choosing from among their fellow citizens those who will represent their interest in government decisions. Compared to monarchies and tyrannies, aristocracies and

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