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  • honorable artillery company of london

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      visited London, where they were shown unusual honor, and were accorded the privilege, never before conferred by Englishmen upon foreign troops, of landing i_n full uniform, armed, and bearing the flags of their Nation and State. The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts the British soldiery marched by.

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    • Ancestor Service Eligibility List

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      o Officers of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company o Preacher of Election Sermons o President and Deputy-President, 1686 o President of the Continental Congress before 19 April 1775 o President of Harvard College o Selectman o Sheriff o Signer of the Portsmouth Compact of 1638 o Solicitor-General

      honourable artillery company

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      ment to " The Military Company of the Massachusetts," as it was first called. Its prototype was the Honourable Artillery Company of London, which was chartered 101 years earlier, of which Robert Keayne, first commander of the Boston company, was a member prior to his settle- ment in the colony.


    • Ancient and Honorable^ Artillery Company

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      the anxients in england.— h. r. h. prince arthur duke of connaught, and staff with lieut.-col. the earl of denbigh, commanding h. a. co., london, under the american ...

      honourable company

    • Amateur Football Combination - Average Marks Awarded to …

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      44 Honorable Artillery Company 7.90 Reigatians 8.22 Old Minchendenians 7.91 Worcester College Old Boys 7.75 45 Old Ignatian 7.90 Egbertian 8.22 Wood Green Old Boys 7.90 Albanian 7.75 46 London Hospital Old Boys 7.90 Altis FC 8.22 Old Wokingians 7.90 Old Wokingians 7.74 47 Albanian 7.86 Old Guildfordians 8.21 Old Guildfordians 7.85 Leyton County ...

    • Honorable Artillery Company of London HAC

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      Honorable Artillery Company of London HAC In 1537 Henry VIII formed the company by Letters Patent from an already existing Guild of St. George charging it to attend to the Better Defense of the Realm and encouraging it


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      Honorable Artillery Company, of London, came to America in 1635. He is said to have been the founder of the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company of Boston. His name is first on the roll of members, and in the charter, and he was its first commander. He was also a deputy for several terms and speaker of the House in 1646. He was punctilious in ...

    • Biography of Sir William Curtis (1752-1829)

      London volunteers and as colonel of the Honorable Artillery Company (1803-1817), and president (from 1795 until his death). He served the Office of Lord Mayor of London in 1795-1796, and was awarded a baronet for steady voting on 23 December 1802. He …


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      .hzsto ofwas.iua .n’.it. 9 chapter ii. henry kimball’s f-arlvi. grant to ancient and honorable aitillery company of boston. artillery pond. petition for consolidation of grants into one plan- tation. township of dunstable. arly proprietors. trafficking with the in- dians. indian tribes. passaconaway, venerated chief. last indian resident. roby’s far. whittier’s poem, the bashaba’s ...

    • Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, Inc.

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      the Honorable Artillery Company of London (chartered by King Henry VIII in 1537 as the “Fraternity of St. George”). Around the time of the American Revolution, the “Military Company of the Massachusetts” had a change of name to the “Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of

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