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    • Meeting Packages

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      Starbucks Coffee, Decaf, Tazo Hot Teas and Iced Tea Afternoon Break DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookies, Apple Bars, Mini Eclairs, Chocolate Cream Puffs or Apple Streusel Bars (choose 2) Assorted Soft Drinks and Bottled Water $48* per person * Upgrade to a hot buffet for an additional $4 per person. Please see options listed on following two pages.

      starbucks options


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      • Selling premium teas through Starbucks’ own Tazo Tea Company. • Using the Internet to offer people the option to purchase Starbucks coffee online. • Distributing whole bean and ground coffee to supermarkets. • Producing premium coffee ice cream with Dreyer’s. • Selling CDs in Starbucks …


    • Starbucks Company Profile

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      Starbucks Company Profile The Starbucks Story ... hot and iced espresso beverages, Starbucks® Cold Brew slow- ... Starbucks Refreshers ® beverages, smoothies and teas. Merchandise: Coffee- and tea-brewing equipment, Verismo ® System by Starbucks, mugs …


    • gives you lots of choices when dining on campus. Whether ...

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      STARBUCKS JAMBA JUICE • Dairy replacement options: soy and almond milk • Various vegan items • Green tropical iced tea, black iced tea and various hot teas BRONCO STUDENT CENTER (BSC) BLDG. 35 • Various smoothies can be made with low cal sorbet, which runs …


    • 2/8/2017 - Adobe

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      Starbucks® Coffee Premium Black & Herbal Hot Teas Chilled Orange & Grapefruit Juices Assorted Breakfast Pastries Select Fruit Preserves & Butter MID-MORNING BREAK Refresh Coffee & Teas Flavored Iced Tea or Lemonade A Variety of Whole Fresh Fruits MID-AFTERNOON BREAK Refresh All Beverages Freshly Baked Assorted Cookies, Lemon Bars & Brownies 33 ...


    • Breaks G˚˚˛ Tˆ˛ˆˇ˘ University of Maryland Catering

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      Hot Beverages Starbucks Fair Trade Coffee and Assorted Hot Teas 3.00 Rich and Creamy Hot Chocolate 2.00 Hot Spiced Apple Cider 2.00 Nibbles & Snacks House-made Chesapeake Potato Chips 3.00 with onion dip Tri-colored Tortilla Chips 5.00 with trio of house-made salsa: roasted tomato, mango, corn and black bean Individual Pretzel Bag 2.00 Cracker ...

    • food Plated lunches & dinners

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      Selections are served with Starbucks® regular and decaf coffee and Tazo® hot teas. Minimum of 20 guests. ative Lifestyle c Egg white frittata with fresh herbs, garden vegetables with arugula and tomato salad Turkey bacon or turkey sausage Starbucks regular and decaf coffee, Tazo hot tea and juice 38.00 per person ht Cakes & Eggs o

    • Spring and Summer Dinner Banquet Menu

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      All buffets include bread, butter, iced tea, freshly brewed Starbucks coffee and Mighty Leaf hot teas. Children ages 4-12 are charged 60% of the chosen buffet price. Madrona Buffet. STARTERS ANN’S KILLER ONION DIP Kennebec Chips BUTTER LETTUCE Hearts of Palm, Grapefruit, Rock Shrimp, Toasted Coriander Vinaigrette

    • Breakfast Buffet Menu Minimum order of 8 Add Mimosas - …

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      Hot & Cold Beverage Package Full Day (8 hours) $20pp Half Day (4 hours) $15pp Fresh Brewed Regular & Decaf Starbucks Coffee, Assorted Hot Teas, Unlimited Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Bottle Waters – Refreshed as needed Beer, Wine & Bubbles Catering staff will work with you to provide selections within a specific price range.

    • Sheraton Jacksonville Hotel

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      Starbucks coffee, hot herbal teas and freshly brewed iced tea Chicken Piccata $30. All pricing subject to 22% service charge and Florida state sales tax. All prices are per person unless otherwise noted. All pricing subject to 22% service charge and Florida state sales tax. …

    • BANQUET EVENT MENUS - Omni Hotels & Resorts

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      Freshly Brewed Starbucks Coffee and Herbal Teas Suggested Additions if Continental is Ordered Hot Steel Cut Oatmeal $2 / person Cheddar Grits $2.25 / person Assorted Kellogg’s Cereals with Milk $3 / person Bottled Water $3.75 / person Assorted Granola Bars $3 / …

    • Website Catering Menus

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      (Hot Breakfast buffets require a minimum of 25 persons or a $50.00 set up fee applies) (All buffets have 1&1/2 hours of service) THE GARDEN CONTINENTAL Assortment of Danishes and muffins, accompanied by butter, jams, and jellies, seasonal fresh fruit, Bottled chilled juices, Starbucks regular and decaffeinated coffee and assorted herbal teas

    • Lunch Menus

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      and include Starbucks Coffee, Decaf, Tazo Hot Teas and Iced Tea Choice of Two Entrees $36 Choice of Three Entrees $38 Choice of Four Entrees $41 Salads Fiesta Salad with Serrano Ranch Dressing Mixed Greens and Romaine Lettuce with Diced Red Onion, Radishes, Tomatoes, Cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheeses, and Cilantro Entrées

    • EVENTS MENU - Eagle Crest Resort

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      Starbucks Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee Specialty Hot Teas Sliced Fresh Fruit Tray Assorted Breakfast Pastries Scrambled Eggs Breakfast Potatoes Apple Wood Smoke Bacon and Sausage EXECUTIVE BREAKFAST | $28 Chilled Orange Juice Starbucks Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee Specialty Hot Teas

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