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      The $5 million project, supported by the Baltimore City Public Schools, the state of Maryland and the federal government, was one of the first opportunities for the residents of the Brooklyn and Curtis Bay neighborhoods in Baltimore to be involved in improving a school—the first high school ever in …

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      community schools are currently serving close to 22,000 of the district’s 84,730 students. They are spread across all grade levels, with 14 elementary schools, 22 K- or PreK-8s, three middle schools and six high schools. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings- lake’s office is the primary source of funding for

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      a collaboration of the Baltimore Community Foundation, Baltimore City Public Schools and the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), the first Judy Center funded by a public-private partnership opened in Baltimore City. Also of note, in FY14, the passage of the Maryland Prekindergarten Expansion Act of 2014 (Senate

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      is that CTE is an important factor in high school selection.15 Today, 25 Baltimore City high schools offer some selection of CTE programs.16 In 2017, 9,51417 of City Schools’ 21,381 high school students18 (or 44%) were enrolled in a CTE program, more than double the number of high school students enrolled in CTE in 2008.19

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      making it an appealing option for families in the neighborhood and—in the case of many middle schools, all high schools, and most charter schools in Baltimore—across the city. Meanwhile, the district office takes on the role of ensuring that the portfolio as a whole succeeds in making high-

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    • Baltimore City Landmark Designation

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      High School in Baltimore City and Maryland, and serving as one of the most illustrious institutions of higher learning in the City of Baltimore. It is also distinguished because of its push, decade after decade, to achieve the “equal” in the “separate but equal” doctrine that was in place for half of its history.


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      applicants for the 400 seats at Baltimore City College (City) and 1,736 applicants for the 425 open seats at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Poly),6 underscoring how competitive admission to these schools can be. Students who graduate from City Schools academic entrance criteria and charter high schools enroll in college at


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      pleased to provide information and assistance to families as they consider the many options available for their children at Baltimore City Public Schools. According to regulations of the Maryland State Board of Education: • To enter Kindergarten, children must be 5 years old by September 1st of Kindergarten year

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      make Baltimore a better, safer, stronger city. This progress is a direct result of your efforts. Keep up the great work. On behalf of the citizens of Baltimore, I offer congratulations to the men and women being honored today on their promotions. I am extremely grateful for the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice that each of you exert every day.

    • Gradual Disengagement: A Portrait of the 2008-09 Dropouts ...

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      A Portrait of the 2008-09 Dropouts in the Baltimore City Schools Behind every dropout code entered into school district administrative files is a face and a story. A companion BERC report will tell some of those stories in more detail. This report paints a collective portrait of the Baltimore City Schools dropouts of 2008-09 to summarize

    • Maryland Commission on the School-to-Prison Pipeline and ...

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      The Commission found that many schools in Maryland have started to move in that direction. The Commission urges Maryland schools to transition to what we broadly define as “restorative approaches to building and sustaining positive learning environments.” A restorative approach combines high behavioral expectations and accountability with a

    • SY 2018-2019 School Performance Plan

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      serves as a year-round anchor in conversations between the district office, schools, and communities. ... scholars will explore many careers, high schools, and colleges of interest. Evidence-Based Strategy 1: Scholars will complete an interest survey and be able to research careers of interest

    • Sandtown-Winchester/Harlem Park - Baltimore City Health ...

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      Sandtown-Winchester/Harlem Park Baltimore City Percent Unemployed 21.0% 11.1% Source: American Community Survey, 2005-2009. Family Poverty Rate The percent of families in Sandtown-Winchester/Harlem Park that have an income below the poverty level compared to Baltimore City overall (2010). Sandtown-Winchester/Harlem Park Baltimore City

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      a campaign to make attendance a high priority city-wide. About Elev8 Baltimore Elev8 Baltimore partners with schools, families and the community to make sure that every student is ready to success in school and in life. The Elev8 Baltimore approach to school health empowers students and parents to take control of their own health.