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      The $5 million project, supported by the Baltimore City Public Schools, the state of Maryland and the federal government, was one of the first opportunities for the residents of the Brooklyn and Curtis Bay neighborhoods in Baltimore to be involved in improving a school—the first high school ever in …

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      a collaboration of the Baltimore Community Foundation, Baltimore City Public Schools and the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), the first Judy Center funded by a public-private partnership opened in Baltimore City. Also of note, in FY14, the passage of the Maryland Prekindergarten Expansion Act of 2014 (Senate

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      neighborhood in Baltimore. This Low Stress and Separated Facility Network addendum seeks to build on that work by identifying and prioritizing a set of projects that will dramatically increase the number of people in Baltimore City who can meet many of their basic travel needs by bike over the next two to five years. This section describes

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      Many schools around the world and right here in Baltimore City are using restorative practices (RP) to build positive relationships within school communities, to enhance instructional practices and to resolve conflicts among stakeholders. It’s important to note that restorative practices are not a new

      baltimore schools


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      Baltimore City Public Schools* Behavioral Health Systems of Baltimore . Johns Hopkins University . Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Maryland Department of Human Resources & Baltimore City Department of Social Services . Maryland Department of Legislative Services . Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission

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      is that CTE is an important factor in high school selection.15 Today, 25 Baltimore City high schools offer some selection of CTE programs.16 In 2017, 9,51417 of City Schools’ 21,381 high school students18 (or 44%) were enrolled in a CTE program, more than double the number of high school students enrolled in CTE in 2008.19


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      making it an appealing option for families in the neighborhood and—in the case of many middle schools, all high schools, and most charter schools in Baltimore—across the city. Meanwhile, the district office takes on the role of ensuring that the portfolio as a whole succeeds in making high-

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      1 Source: Baltimore City Public Schools-Work Sampling System (WSS) of the Maryland Model for School Readiness (MMSR). ... The percent of elementary, middle, and high school students who missed 20 or more days of school in Baltimore City (school year 2008-2009). Baltimore City Percent of Elementary School Students Missing 20+ Days 10.1%

    • Baltimore City Landmark Designation

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      High School in Baltimore City and Maryland, and serving as one of the most illustrious institutions of higher learning in the City of Baltimore. It is also distinguished because of its push, decade after decade, to achieve the “equal” in the “separate but equal” doctrine that was in place for half of its history.

    • College Enrollment and Degree Completion for Baltimore ...

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      Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools) has made great strides in its effort to lower the number of high school dropouts and to encourage prior dropouts to return and graduate by providing a broad set of options for students with a diverse set of needs and academic histories.

    • MAR Y I D Historical Magazine - Maryland State Archives

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      tant consequences for the city of Baltimore. None of the people on the block is a stakeholder in the public school system, depriving the schools of influential ad- vocates who might intercede in the political and budgetary processes to argue for increased school spending. Instead, the residents of Juniper Road complain bitterly about high tax ...

    • Organizing for Family and Community Engagement in ...

      Organizing for Family and Community Engagement in Baltimore City Public Schools 074 3 Project at the ACLU, was also a well-known advocate among district staff and community members. Prior to coming to Baltimore and the ACLU, Verdery worked as a community organizer in North and South Carolina during the Civil Rights movement.

    • Stuck in School: How Social Context Shapes School Choice ...

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      African American youth ages 15–24 who attended Baltimore City Public Schools at some point during their high school career. Research on school choice tends to rely on data from parents, and we offer a unique contribution by asking youth themselves about their experi-ences with school choice.

    • omoting y and g Skills in e City y hools

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      *With a 1/8th mile buffer, many school campuses overlap. In some cases, two schools are on one campus. Crimes in overlapping areas are counted towards more than one school. Prepared by: Baltimore City Health t Source: n Baltimore, School s m Baltimore City

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