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      after your last meal. Then the body needs another four hours to do a deep clean. If you fill up your belly late at night, and eat early again the next day, your body isn’t given the opportunity to clean house. The Twelve-Hour Window is challenging to make happen everyday, but committing to it will help you get the most out of your Clean Detox.

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      Printable Cleaning List . Kitchen Cleaning List: o Empty dishwasher o Load dishwasher o Clean countertops o Clean stove top o Wipe down freezer/fridge o Sweep/Mop floor o Take out trash/recycling Living Room Cleaning List: o Remove household clutter …


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      Steps to Clean a Messy House - And Get It Ready for Guests Please note that this is a basic list for you to print and refer to. Explanation of the steps can be found in the original post. Step 1: Take a deep breath, get out your calendar and some paper, sit down at your table .

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      If you have 15 minutes: Light a scented candle or turn on an oil diffuser - 1 minute Grab a basket or bin and collect all clutter in the main living areas-stash it in a bedroom

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      Clean-out openings must not be used for the installation of new fixtures, ex-cept where approved and where another clean-out with equal access and capacity is provided. TRAPS, CLEAN-OUTS, AND INTERCEPTORS 10.3 Fastfact An approved two-way clean-out is allowed in locations where a building drain meets a building sewer. Tradetip