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      go from 0 to 25 mph (miles per hour). time _____ sec. Convert 25 mph to meters per second ( 1 mph = .447 m / s). Calculate the acceleration of the bus in m/s. 2 . Calculate the distance traveled as the bus reaches 25 mph. 5. Determine the mass of the bus. (2.2 lbs = 1 kg) a. Data: surface area of one tire in contact with the road _____ sq. inches

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      Then that rate in feet/second (fps) could be converted to miles/hour (mph). Transportation Forces have magnitude and direction and affect the motion of objects. Identify the forces acting on an object and describe how the sum of the forces affects the motion of the object.

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      To convert Centigrade to Fahrenheit temperature, multiply the Centigrade reading by 9/5 and add 32. To convert Fahrenheit to Centigrade temperature, subtract 32 from Fahrenheit reading and multiply by 5/9. Centigrade = Fahrenheit - 32. 100 180 NUMBER OF U.S. GALLONS IN ROUND TANK FOR ONE FOOT IN DEPTH Diameter

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      Convert 55.5 fps to mph = 37.88 mph. 37.88 < 60 mph, so the motorist was not speeding. Officer serves an execution: A local resident was arrested for writing bad checks. He posted bond for $15,000 but failed to appear in court. The bond company notified the sheriff’s department and they were authorized to serve an execution, which allows them ...

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      Speed = dist/time = (354 ft/8.8 sec) / (1.47 fps/mph) = 27.3 mph (15 points) Create Worksheet 2 in the same workbook/spreadsheet that was created for Problem 1A. It should have columns for Time Interval, Travel Time (sec.), and Speed (mph), and a row for each vehicle.

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    • c. 2020: MPH to FPS: Mental Math Calculation Conversion Formula …

      I used t =1 sec (for the thinking time = perception time + reaction time) in the equation above, and converted the V mph to fps by multiplying by 5280/3600 (but did not convert V2), and substituted u for V, and s for SSD, used f =0.67 for a dry surface, and omitted the grade/gradient g, as shown below: SSD = 1.47 Vt +V2/[30 (f±g)] becomes

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