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  • how to get a post office box

    • Customer Agreement for Premium PO Box Service Additional ...

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      address in addition to your PO Box number. For example, if a Post Office is located on 500 Main Street and you have PO Box 59, your mail would be addressed 500 Main Street #59. You will also be able to use the street address to receive most packages and deliveries through private carriers, such as …

    • DMM D910 Post Office Box Service - USPS

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      D910 Post Office Box Service Summary D910 describes post office box service and the use of this service. It explains the basis of fees, when fees are due, and when fees are refunded. 1.0 BASIC INFORMATION Purpose 1.1 Post office box service is a premium service offered for …


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      address are required for change of address information. The name, if known, and Post Office box address are required for boxholder information. The following information is provided in accordance with 39 CFR 265.6(d)(5)(ii). There is no fee for providing boxholder or change of address information. 1.

    • How to Apply for Post Office Caller Service!

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      How to Apply for Post Office Caller Service! The Safe Convenient Way to Get Your Mail Caller Service is a premium service available for a fee to any customer who: Requires more than free carrier service. Receives or plans to receive more mail than can be delivered to …

    • Management of Post Office Box Service - USPS Office of ...

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      Audit Report – Management of Post Office Box Service (Report Number FT-AR-16-004) This report presents the results of our audit of Management of Post Office Box Service (Project Number 15BG020FT000). We appreciate the cooperation and courtesies provided by your staff. If you have any

    • Notice 32-N - No-Fee Post Office Box Renewal Notice/Annual ...

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      Post Office Box, and confirm the continued eligibility of each box customer for no-fee post office box service. Please assist us by providing the information requested below. å Check one of the boxes below: q No Change: If the information concerning your residence or business has not changed, check this box.

    • PO Boxes - Australia Post

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      enquire at your local Post Office for information about PO Box or bag availability. Marketing Opt In Australia Post can send you information addressed to you relating to products and services offered by Australia Post. If you wish to receive such offers, please tick the Marketing Opt In box on the application form. Marketing material in your PO Box

    • PS 1583 Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent

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      business at the home or business address listed in boxes 7 or 10, and that the identification listed in box 8 is valid. 2. Name in Which Applicant's Mail Will Be Received for Delivery toAgent. (Complete a separate PS Form 1583 for EACH applicant. Spouses may complete and sign one PS Form 1583. Two items of valid identification apply to each spouse.

    • PS Form 1093 - How to apply for a PO Box - USPS

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      application for post Ofice Box™ Service The Postal Service™ may consider it valid evidence that a person is authorized to remove mail from the box if that person possesses a key or combination to the box. 11. Names of individuals (including members of a business) who will be receiving


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      Enter the unit or Post Office box number. Enter the city. The city must be entered as either “APO,” “FPO” or “DPO”. Don’t put the name of the actual city. Enter the state. The State must be either “AA” “AE” or “AP.” Don’t put the name of actual state or country.