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  • how to get your repossessed car back


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      Imagine you are Jeanne and write a journal entry/letter expressing your . thoughts and feelings on the day Papa came to Manzanar. Chapters 6-11 Answer on notebook paper, or create spaces on this sheet for your answers. Vocab (define) and then fill in the blanks: Entrepreneur - Tyrant - Patron - …


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      When your home, car or other possessions have been repossessed, it would be very difficult to get this back, unless you pay the full outstanding amount, with all legal costs. If your possessions are sold, this is not the end of your debt problems.

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      Your child’s school demands a drug or alcohol test. Your parents die and leave you executor of their estate. You accidentally back over a neighbor’s garbage can. Your teenager wrecks the car and a friend is injured. Your husband or wife uses physical force against you. Your landlord refuses to refund your cleaning deposit. You have a fender ...

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      4. If you had to put all of your Personal Property (bed, TV, pots &pans etc.) out on the street and sell them in one weekend how much money do you think you would receive for all your personal property? $ For the following four questions please value the items as if you were going to the local swap shop to get cash, how much would they give you? 5.

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    • How much can you afford for a car loan

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      Banks and finance companies will gladly provide a loan to purchase a vehicle and will just as gladly wave and smile at you as they drive away with your repossessed car. Car expenses, rent or mortgage payments, and utility bills are referred to as fixed expenses. Fixed expenses that are not paid when they are due can result in severe consequences.

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      3. MY CAR WAS LEGALLY REPOSSESSED. WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL MY PERSONAL BELONGINGS IN THE VEHICLE? The repossession company or the creditor must notify you of a place where your items can be retrieved. 4. CAN I GET MY CAR STEREO BACK? Probably not. Items that are attached to the vehicle (stereo, speakers, roof rack) can be legally retained.


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      If you were unable to pay your loan payments and the bank repossessed your car, how much money do you think you would get back? What other consequences would happen? Title: How much can you afford for a car loan Author: taylorl Last modified by: taylorl Created Date: 5/4/2015 10:03:00 PM

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      Your approval is guaranteed at almost all banks, even Wells Fargo. Step Three is to put that loan money into a checking account and have the money from the checking account go to pay the loan every month setup on auto-pay. After the 6 or 12 months, the loan will be paid and you can get your CD back.


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      One more thing. The final acceptance or rejection of any agreement lies with the client. Please make that clear with whomever you are dealing with, at the end of your conversation. Example: “I’m about to have my car repossessed”. Get the following information: NAME OF FINANCING COMPANY. NAME OF PERSON THEY ARE DEALING WITH. PHONE NUMBER ...

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      24. Secured Debts: (Answer Every Question). Do you owe any money for any property or goods which can be repossessed or foreclosed if you fail to make payments? YES ____ NO ____. Have you agreed with any creditor that it can take any of your possessions from you, such as your car or your furniture, if you don't keep up with your payments?