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      Therefore, anything we can do to teach spelling in patterns will help students learn spelling in a more logical fashion. Of course, we have many words in the English language that do not follow a pattern or break the pattern rules. These words also have to be learned systematically a few at a time.

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      Look Look at the word carefully. Look at each letter of the word. Trace over the word with your finger as you read it. Say Say the word slowly.

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      Developmental spelling test. Using the following Developmental Spelling Test will give teachers an opportunity to analyze the spelling strategies students use and indicate the appropriate phase of spelling development. Read each word to the students and ask them to write the words. Analyze student attempts according to spelling phases.

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      Children are now ready to learn to spell homonyms, contractions, and irregular spellings, as well as to begin to internalize the rules that govern more difficult vowel and consonant combinations, word endings, and prefixes and suffixes. (We have chosen to use the term “standard spelling” instead of …

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