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  • how to pay cash at a dealership

    • 2016 - National Automobile Dealers Association

      sion, and 2016 ended with yet another employment record The average wage for a dealership employee also continued to rise in 2016, and dealership employees still boast one of the highest average salaries of all industries The result: Employment at a dealership is one of the best paths to the middle-class American dream (and

    • 7-Taxes & VIT .tx.us

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      7.3 Cash Sales and third party finance sales. The law requires the selling dealer in all cash sales (including bank-financed sales) to collect the sales tax from the customer and to pay it to the county tax office within 20 county working days. The failure to collect sales tax is not an

    • Buying or Selling A Vehicle in Illinois

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      SOS DOP-141.12.qxp_Buying or Selling a Vehicle 10/25/17 9:03 AM Page 1. oid prob-w these guide lines to wing the necessary procedures. Printed on recycled paper. Printed by authority of the State of Illinois. October 2017 — 1M — SOS DOP 141.12 Buying a Used Vehicle

    • Deal or No Deal - Center for Responsible Lending

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      of the dealership or pay cash. Deal or No Deal: How Yo-Yo Scams Rig the Game against Car Buyers 4 Additionally, the dealer may not have an immediate offer from a third party to purchase the contract, but sends the consumer home ... Deal or No Deal: How Yo-Yo Scams Rig the Game against Car Buyers.

    • Dealership Employee Purchase Program

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      Dealership is responsible for enrolling Dealership Employees in the My Personnel application of ... Each participant must pay a $75 program administration fee to help offset the cost necessary to support ... available Employee Bonus Cash), free equipment, special service offers, gifts, or other premiums

    • Form 8300 and Your Dealership update 1-20-09 - MADA

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      A wire transfer does not constitute cash for Form 8300 reporting. Since the remaining cash remitted was below $10,000, the dealer has no filing requirement. 16. A customer makes weekly payments in cash to a dealership as a lease payment or loan payment on a vehicle. During a twelve-month period, these payments total more than $10,000. Are these

    • General Motors Vehicle Purchase Programs ... - Family First

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      The General Motors Vehicle Purchase Programs (The Programs) provide eligible Participants (The Participant) residing in the ... If purchasing or leasing a vehicle under The Program with cash or through a loan, ownership must be retained for at ... • Your dealership charges all customers the same documentation fee.

    • Insurance Referral Fees FAQs - NCDOI

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      Insurance Referral Fees FAQs 1 3/23/2015 Q. Under North Carolina’s commission statute, may an unlicensed person receive valuable consideration, such as a referral fee, from a licensed insurance producer or insurance company for