How to run ps1 as admin

    • [PDF File] User Profile Wizard Corporate Edition - ForensiT

      In this section we will run through the basic settings needed to get User Profile Wizard up and running. We will return to the more advanced settings in “Creating Enterprise Migration Scripts” later in this user guide. G E T T I N G S T A R T E D 12 Step 1 - Welcome

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    • [PDF File] Dell EMC PowerEdge R740 and R740xd Technical Guide

      Notes, cautions, and warnings NOTE: A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your product. CAUTION: A CAUTION indicates either potential damage to hardware or loss of data and tells you how to avoid

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    • [PDF File] PowerShell Quick Reference - Security and Compliance Center …

      eDiscovery Admin -eDiscovery Admins create searches/holds on mailboxes, SharePoint Sites and OneDrive locations. They also manage/create eDiscovery case, content searches and add members to handle these cases. List current eDiscovery Admins – There are zero in a greenfield Office 365 Tenant Get-eDiscoveryCaseAdmin New eDiscovery Case Admin

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    • [PDF File] User Profile Wizard Professional Edition - ForensiT

      needs is to run the User Profile Wizard Deployment Kit. The User Profile Wizard Deployment Kit if available from the Start menu: Start->All Programs->ForensiT User Profile Wizard Pro->User Profile Wizard Deployment Kit. You don’t have to use the Deployment Kit to be able to use User Profile Wizard, but if

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    • [PDF File] Step-by-Step Guide to Install ora2pg on Linux & Windows.

      Prepared by Azure Databases SQL Customer Success Engineering Team sudo This verifies connectivity to Oracle and Azure Database for PostgreSQL. 4. Verify installation. Ora2pg is installed and configured in the machine.

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    • [PDF File] Ixia PerfectStorm ONE Getting Started Guide

      Rack Mounting Instructions. Remove the four screws (rubber feet) at the bottom of the appliance. Place the PerfectStorm One appliance on the rack mount shelf, aligning the four mounting holes at the bottom of the appliance with the mounting holes in the shelf.

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    • [PDF File] CylancePROTECT Script Control - BlackBerry

      CylancePROTECT Script Control protects users from malicious scripts running on their devices by injecting itself into a script interpreter (responsible for the execution of scripts) to monitor and protect against scripts running in your environment. The agent is then able to detect the script and script path before the script is executed.

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    • [PDF File] DFR-PS1

      DFR-PS1 Fiber Optic Accessories Technical specifications Electrical Power Supply Input 100 to 240 VAC, 60/50 Hz Input Current 1.66A@115VAC; 0.80A@230VAC Supply Input Connector IEC C14 Chassis-mount socket DC Voltage Output 12 VDC Current Output 12.5A DC (max.) Power Consumption 190VA@115VAC Power Output 150W (max.) …

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    • [PDF File] How to Download and Install ePSXe APK for PS1 Emulation on …

      Play PS1 Games on Your PC If you are a fan of retro gaming, you might have a collection of classic PlayStation games that you ... experience them for the first time. Either way, you will need a good emulator that can run PS1 games smoothly and accurately. One of the best emulators for PS1 is ePSXe. It is a free software that emulates the ...

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    • [PDF File] Zee Drive MSI Usage - Thinkscape

      using the Install command running as local administrator, then run the Upgrade command under the local user account that you want to upgrade. The Upgrade command needs to run under the user’s local account because Zee Drive needs to update a registry entry in the user’s local registry hive. 2.1 Install Zee Drive

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    • BloodHound - Read the Docs

      4.From the root BloodHound directory, run npm install $ npm install Build BloodHound with npm run build:macos: $ npm run build:macos Note: This documentation applies to Legacy BloodHound and is no longer maintained. See up-to-date documentation for BloodHound CE here:Install BloodHound Community Edition with Docker Com-pose 4.2. macOS 15

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    • [PDF File] Compare Online & Work 10 Admin Guide

      Workshare Compare Online& iManage Work 10 Admin Guide 16 Downloading configuration file from WIIS 1. Navigate to https://<<WIIS-URL>/admin. The page showsthe details of your servers from Configuration.ps1. Note: If you are using earlier versions of WIIS, the admin page may be slightly different. 2.

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    • [PDF File] Data Integrator Installation Guide - SLB

      Launch the Windows PowerShell in administrator mode and navigate to the Prerequisites directory using the command: cd <DataIntegrator_installer_folder_path>\Prerequisites. Run the below command to install prerequisites for Data Integrator excluding MongoDB. & .\PrerequisiteInstallation.ps1 -exclude MongoDB.

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    • [PDF File] Mortal Kombat Trilogy - Sony Playstation - Manual

      run tovyards your opponent. But they're ttime sensitive," so you can only activate the Run Function while t meter is green. AGGRESSOR MODE At the lower part of the screen an Aggressor Meter will build up as you land more and more hits upon your opponent. Keep an eye on the meter. It grows faster if your ä$: 00 RUN METERS AGGRESSOR METERS

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    • [PDF File] Active Directory Assessment: Prerequisites and Configuration

      6. Run the Add-ADAssessmentTask -WorkingDirectory <Directory> command, where <Directory> is the path to an existing directory used to store the files created while collecting and analyzing the data from the environment. Note. If the command Add-ADAssessmentTask is not available, the module is not yet found. It can take some

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    • [PDF File] Zee Drive Command Line Usage - Thinkscape

      It should be run under the user’s account as it needs to update their registry hive: [path to Zee Drive]\ZeeDrive.exe Command=Update Running this command will make the new version of Zee Drive start-up automatically when the user next signs in to Windows (it updates the registry “Run” entry).

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    • [PDF File] PowerShell Basic Cheat Sheet - Rambling Cookie Monster

      Scripts Text files with .ps1 extension Applications Existing windows programs Pipelines | Pass objects Get-process word | Stop -Process Ctrl+c Interrupt current command Left/right Navigate editing cursor Ctrl+left/right Navigate a word at a time Home / End Move to start / end of line Up/down Move up and down through history

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    • [PDF File] Creating HA Device with StarWind Virtual SAN Free

      6. Run the script. After the HA device creation you should see the following: 7. In order to list all the devices and targets on the StarWind host, run the enumDevicesTargets.ps1 script. 8. Make sure you modify the values marked with a red line in order to fit your setup (host IP, port, user, password), save the script and run it.

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    • [PDF File] Rayman - Sony Playstation - Manual - gamesdatabase

      When you have run out of power, you lose a life. A Simple Power gives you one extra energy point. A Double Power gives you two energy points. A Big Power gives you a full load of energy points. Lives Look for them, they come in handy when you face the enemies that await you. Speed-ups They increase the speed of the punching fist.

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    • [PDF File] Office 365 Exchange Assessment: Prerequisites and Configuration

      Whilst these cmdlets currently support modern authentication to login, they are designed to run manually. This means the support of Modern Authentication is handled for accounts with MFA by a prompt to handle the authentication. The assessment collects the data in an automated manner via a scheduled task. As this data collection is …

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    • [PDF File] Security Now! #905 - 01-10-23 - 1

      Windows search box. This does not need to run with elevated Admin privileges so anyone should be able to do this. Start the script by entering .\Analyze-LastPassVault.ps1 and press Enter. The Analyze LastPass Vault app will be displayed on your desktop. You’ll find complete instructions there for proceeding so you can likely race off on your own

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    • [PDF File] SMART Room System® for Microsoft® Teams® Rooms 4.9.12

      6. Open a command prompt window as an administrator and then run the following command: PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted "[Path]\MTR-Update-" Where [Path] is the path to the folder where you downloaded the upgrade script in step 4. 7. Restart the computing appliance. 8. Confirm the Microsoft Teams Rooms and Windows …

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    • [PDF File] User Guide - TP-Link

      The CD is included in the package. If your computer has a CD drive, you can also run the included CD to install the driver and utility. 2 Double click to unzip the downloaded folder and run the Install.pkg. 3 The Install TP-Link Wireless USB Adapter Utility and Driver Wizard window will appear.

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    • [PDF File] Compass for Windows User Guide

      Locate the Compass_Setup.exe file on the desktop and hit the Enter key on the keyboard or double-click it to launch the executable. Click Yes in the User Account Control dialog box. Select the desired Language from the drop-down list and click Next.

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