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    • 16A How well do you know your 6A c l a s s m a t e s

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      How well do you know your c l a s s m a t e s ? Type of activity Writing, speaking. Whole class. A i m To practise question forms. Ta s k T o guess the answers to questions about your classmates and check whether or not you are correct. P re p a r a t i o n Make one copy of the worksheet for each student. T i m i n g 20 minutes P ro c e d u r e

    • Communication Aims How to Play Who: Two Players, each with a …

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      • At the end of the game, you can discuss the results and talk more about the answers that did not match so that the friends get to know each other even better! 4.2 How well do you know your friend? What you need • A pre-made quiz sheet of appropriate ‘About them’ questions e.g. ‘What is your favourite food?’;

    • Friends Tv Show Trivia Quizzes

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      I By Sophiepoulsen. Please take the quiz You and your friends decide to have weekly TV show nights. Good Times Tv Trivia - Quiz · Quiz: Tv. trivia questions and quizzes. Thousands of quizzes and quiz questions and answers about 'Friends' Season 1. This is a quiz on 'Friends' Series One. Enjoy. How well do you remember the television series ...

    • Friends and family vocabulary and cultural differences Warmer: …

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      Friends and family vocabulary and cultural differences Warmer: Choose one person you know (well or not so well) and describe them and your interactions with them until someone guesses who you are talking about. Things you could mention: When you last met them, what you talked about, and what you did

    • NONE, SOME, MANY Activity - Family History Library

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      Step 2: Take the “Do You Know Scale” Quiz Ask members how well they think they know their family story by taking the “Do You Know Scale” quiz. You can either read the quiz questions out loud, or you can pass out printed quizzes to each member or family. Have individuals answer yes or no for each question on a piece of paper. Step 3: Share Results as a Group Once the class members have completed the quiz, …

    • Reading skills practice: Friendship quiz exercises

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      1. You can do this quiz to find out if you are a good friend. True False 2. In question 1, your friend can easily get a bus or taxi. True False 3. In question 2, you can give your friend maths classes without causing difficulties for yourself. True False 4. In question 3, you think the person you like would prefer to go out with your friend.

    • Sitcom Trivia Questions And Answers

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      Sitcom Trivia Questions And Answers How well do you know your 70's TV Trivia – take this quiz and challenge yourself! Previous Quiz · START · Skip Quiz. 174 Comments. Sort. Top. This quiz will test your knowledge of black sitcoms (both new and old). See how many Sitcom Quizzes & Trivia. This quiz Questions and Answers. Removing.

    • Think About It! Quiz

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      Think About It! Quiz Name: Grade: School: Date: Instructions: Please use this list of sentences to describe yourself as accurately as possible. Choose the number that best describes you for each statement below. Describe yourself as you see yourself at the present time, not as you wish to be in the future. Describe yourself as you are generally or typically, as compared with other persons you know of the same sex …

    • This activity is excerpted from The Modern Dad's Dilemma: How …

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      Take the Modern Dad's Quiz : How Well Do You Know Your Children? This activity is excerpted from The Modern Dad's Dilemma: How to Stay Connected with Your Kids in a Rapidly Changing World, 2010, New World Library, Novato, CAwith the permission of the author, John

    • www.thesafespace.org POP QUIZ! IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP …

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      POP QUIZ! IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP HEALTHY? Everyone deserves to be in a safe and healthy relationship. Do you know if your relationship is as healthy as you deserve? Answer "yes" or "no" to the following statements to find out! Make sure to circle your responses. At the end you'll find out how to score your answers. The person I am with: Circle ...