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      Mucinex Cold, Cough and Sore Throat has both.) is also referred to and sometimes labeled as “DXM” or “DM” and is considered controversial (However, homeopathic Hyland's gives dosage information for ages two and up. Consumer information about the OTC cough suppressant guaifenesin and dextromethorphan hydrobromide (Robitussin DM,

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    • Cough/Cold/flu Relief

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      Homeopathic Children’s Cough, Cold, & Flu Medicines Comparison Chart Since 1903, generations of parents have trusted Hyland’s long history of effi cacy, quality, and safety. We offer the most comprehensive line of all-natural, homeopathic medicines for children ages 1, 2 and up. Our products offer multi-symptom relief for most common

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    • Dosing Information For Mucinex Dm

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      54973-3098-1 Nighttime Cold N Cough 4 Kids Labeler Name Hyland's Name of Company corresponding to the labeler code segment of the ProductNDC. NDC Package Code 54973-3098-1 The labeler code, product code, and package code segments of the National Drug Code number, separated by hyphens. Asterisks are no longer used or included

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    • Homeopathic Children’s Cough, Cold, & Flu Medicines ...

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      Learn about indications, dosage and how it is supplied for the drug Prinivil (Lisinopril). Semprex-D official prescribing information for healthcare professionals. (Children's Mucinex Cold, Cough and Sore Throat has both.) (However, homeopathic Hyland's gives dosage information for ages two and up and In the winter we boost his Vitamin

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    • Mucinex D Dosage Information

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      CELL SALTS QUICK REFERENCE Cell Salt Chemical Name Focus Emotional Symptoms Physical Symptoms #1 Calc Fluor Calcium Fluoride Bones, teeth, ligaments, veins ... Thick yellow mucus or discharge with a cough, cold, or earache Loose cough but mucus is difficult to cough up. Eruptions of the skin (pimples and blemishes) Dandruff Psoriasis Eczema

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      Cough/Cold/flu Relief I Brand ... Indication Active ingredients Dosage Mucinex DayQuil Coricidin HBP Advil Theraflu Delsym Oscillococcinum Hyland’s Defend Zicam Helps loosen ... relief of cold ...