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    • Applying for Teaching Positions at Community Colleges

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      I am writing to apply for the English Instructor position at North Portland Community College. I am very excited about the prospect of working at North Portland, teaching a diverse group of students and focusing my time and energy towards mentoring students, collaborating with colleagues, and developing innovative, effective courses.

    • Challenges in Teaching Language and Literature: An EFL ...

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      teaching-learning process, ... Two years of passionate involvement in teaching-learning process in the most traditional Arab country gave enough impetus to verbalize my experience. As a non-native EFL teacher it is not a less challenge yet it gave a scope for implementation of ... „I am teaching


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      DIVERSITY STATEMENT BENJAMIN MAKO HILL ... address under-representation of women in science, technology, and math – an issue I am passionate about. I take pride in the diversity of my group of coauthors. In my teaching, I take seriously the challenge of teaching to diverse audiences. As I …

    • Marist Collee Enews

      I am originally from Queensland, having moved to Canberra in 2018. I attended UC and have just completed my Master of Teaching in Social Science. I am passionate about horse riding and reading, and am looking forward to a wonderful semester at the College. Amy Kowalczuk - Performing Arts Teacher I am a Creative Arts Teacher and a former

    • Personal Essay for Teaching Course Selection

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      Personal Essay for Teaching Course Selection I first realised that I wanted my future career to be based around working with children completely by accident. After high school I had started a course in accounting that I soon discovered wasn’t right for me, and I left during the first year.

    • Statements of Teaching Philosophy by 2014 Recipients

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      Statement of Teaching Philosophy Art, as a form of human expression, moves people in powerful ways. It can inspire spiritual devotion, fuel a political revolution, or instigate social action. I am passionate about the history of art, and I find teaching it extremely rewarding

    • Teaching Philosophy Statement .edu

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      Teaching Philosophy Statement Victor Zakhary I consider teaching as one of the most enjoyable experiences during graduate school. I am very passionate about teaching because it ful lls my inner need to give back to my society what I have learned. Also, it is one of the most e …

    • Teaching Statement - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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      Teaching Statement Shoaib Kamil skamil@mit.edu It is an enormous privilege to be able to teach and advise students. I have been incredibly lucky to have already engaged in teaching and mentoring for a number of years, but I am especially excited by the opportunity to do so as a professor.

    • UChicagoGRAD Academic Job Market Cover Letter Guide

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      I am passionate about teaching. - Show your passion through examples. Don’t assume the reader will take you at your word I will now list publications 1, and 2, and 3, and 4, and 5. - You can talk about publications. But your C.V. is a list. Don’t regurgitate it in the letter will next revise chapter 5 of my dissertation. - Think of broader ...

    • United Way 25 Inspirational Teacher - UCLA

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      She completed her teaching credential and Master’s in Education in Curriculum Development at ... ECCLA in 2013. I am passionate about teaching students how to think critically and how to ... United Way 25 Inspirational Teacher Bio: