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    • Analysis of high frequency ultrasound in subscapular region

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      sonic characteristics of subscapular muscle and bone were summarized. Statistical Analysis All the data in this study were analyzed with SPSS 21.0 (IBM Corp., IBM SPSS Statistics for Windows, Armonk, NY, USA), the inner diame-ter of the initial segment and peak systolic veloci - ty of thoracodorsal artery were presented as (x –±s),

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    • Computational Mammography using Deep Neural Networks

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      Computational Mammography using Deep Neural Networks Anastasia Dubrovina1, Pavel Kisilev2, Boris Ginsburg3, Sharbell Hashoul2;4 and Ron Kimmel1 1Computer Science, Technion 2IBM Haifa Research Lab 3Intel ICRI-CI 4Carmel Medical Center Haifa, Israel Abstract. Automatic tissue classi cation from medical images is an im-

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    • Contextual Factors: The Importance of Considering and ...

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      1. Identifying relevant contextual factors based on theory, local history, and the perspectives of multiple stakeholders at the beginning of a project. 2. Collecting and analyzing contextual data at multiple time points during the study. 3. Reporting relevant contextual factors and how they affected important processes and outcomes.


    • Diagnosis of Monoclonal Gammopathies

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      Diagnosis of Monoclonal Gammopathies. ARUP CME Statement ... • FLC ratio is useful for evaluation of residual disease (complete remission vs relapse) • Due to short half life of FLC (4-6 h), compared Ig half life (21days), the ... • Treatment – None required

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    • Do Younger Patients with Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer ...

      malignancy and a potentially lethal disease [1]. Compared with other malignancies, UCB is usually a disease of the elderly with a peak incidence among those in their 70s [2,3]. In fact, in general there is an increasing life expectancy in the US and Europe and in consequence, a potential further rise in

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    • Effect of simultaneous therapy of arthrocentesis and ...

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      A. Systemic disease B. Arthritis or history of condylar trauma C. Degenerative change of condylar head D. Facial asymmetry, retrognathism, prognathism Hye-Sung Lee et al: Effect of simultaneous therapy of arthrocentesis and occlusal splints on temporomandibular disorders: anterior disc displacement without reduction. J Korean

    • II CR - Surgical Devices and Advanced Wound Care products

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      • More normal muscle firing patterns are expected due to the proper A/P positioning, thereby helping to prevent muscle fatigue during activities of daily living. • Restoration of both the anatomic A/P alignment and the normal kinematic patterns of the knee should …

    • Nutrition Guide for Fructose Malabsorption | Healthhype

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      Home > Gastro-Intestinal Diseases > Nutrition Guide for Fructose Malabsorption Current Health Articles on Symptoms, Diseases and Treatment Health A to Z Addiction Cancer Emergency Medicine Infections Kids Health Men’s Health Women’s Health Table of Contents Nutrition Guide For Fructose Malabsorption FOOD GROUP SAFE TO EAT TO TRY (IN ...

    • Original Article Overexpression of Neuron-Specific Enolase ...

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      the beta-, which is the muscle-specific enolase, is expressed in adult skeletal muscle; and the gamma-, which is the neuron-specific enolase (NSE), is expressed in nerves and cells of neuronal origin [4,5]. NSE is a well-established tumor marker for small cell lung cancer [6]. However, its level as a prognostic marker in GC has not been reported.

    • Serum cystatin is a useful marker for the diagnosis of ...

      and sex and dependence on muscle mass, making it un-suitable for diagnosis of malnourished children. There is ... the time of admission or during treatment at the PICU [16]. The serum creatinine and serum cystatin C levels ... constructed to provide a natural common scale for

    • Sulodexide attenuates endoplasmic reticulum stress induced ...

      tory and lipid‐lowering effects. 10,11 Sulodexide is used for the treatment of chronic venous12 and arterial diseases.13 Although SDX prevents ar‐ terial thrombosis,14 inhibits the proliferation of smooth muscle cells,15 and reduces the pro‐inflammatory effect of peripheral arterial disease

    • The Herbal Database A listing of herbs, spices, and ...

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      The Herbal Database . A listing of herbs, spices, and medicinal plants & some clues to their uses . by George Wooten, ©1998-2008 . Dedication. The Herbal Database is dedicated to the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, the source of commercial tea.It

    • Transcranial Direct Current

      bance, organic neck disease, or history of surgery, except for tracheotomy. We included 23 patients with poststroke dysphagia and no other muscular and neurological disor-ders who had undergone treatment and rehabilitation. All were able to understand the purpose of the study and pro-vided written informed consent. The site, type, and size of

    • WEDNESDAY 26th OCTOBER 2016 - Cloud Object Storage

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      metastatic disease Dr Shehara Mendis Oncology Registrar, Alfred Health 4.50pm-5.10pm Assessing the natural language processing capabilities of IBM Watson for Oncology, using real Australian lung cancer cases. Dr Dish Herath Medical Oncologist, WH Kindly supported by: