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      ICD-10 Code J18.1 Level of Education: 8th Grade Other Medical Diagnoses: (new on this admission) Occupation (if retired, what from?): Retired. Care Taker. Number/ages children/siblings: Sons: 31 yrs, 33 yrs, and 36yrs. Daughters: 38 yrs. Brothers: 55 yrs and …

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      Risk of infection related to invasive prostatectomy surgery and usage of a Foley catheter. 2. Risk of deficient fluid volume related to fluid loss and possible bleeding. ± 15 CARE PLAN. Nursing Diagnosis: Risk of infection related to invasive prostatectomy surgery and usage of a Foley catheter.

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      Primary Medical Dx with ICD-10 code: Myasthenia Gravis G70.0. Living Arrangements: Lives at home with husband. Advanced Directive: Yes. ... Foley Catheter Urinal or Bedpan Bathroom Privileges with assistance ... Neurovascular status intact: peripheral pulses palpable, no …

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    • [DOC File]Post Cardiac Arrest Induced Hypothermia Protocol


      Foley catheter with temperature probe and drainage system. 2 sheets. 3 Liters 0.9NS IVF at 4( C. Large bore IV catheters, tubings and infusion pumps. Cardiac monitor, transducers, pressure system Stocked in ICU. Pulse oximetry (forehead) Hands free defibrillator pads. Sportbed with rotation . …

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    • [DOC File]Documentation and Coding for Patient Safety Indicators


      Sep 15, 2000 · When ICD-9 becomes ICD-10. All of the information provided in this documentation and coding tool is based on use of the ICD-9-CM codes for calculating PSI incidence rates. When the ICD-10 codes become the standard for the U.S. health care system, AHRQ will revise the definitions of the PSIs to conform to the new codes.

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    • [DOCX File]Weebly


      Student: Emily Morgan. Patient Assessment Tool . Assignment Date: 9/24/13. 1 PATIENT INFORMATION. Agency: Sarasota Memorial. Patient Initials: R.S. Age: 88. Admission ...

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      Code Status: Full Code Living Arrangements: Lives in an second story apartment with 2 roommates in Tampa, FL. Advanced Directives: N/A. Surgery Date: 1/05/2013 Procedure: Sutures placed in 10 cm forehead laceration through three layers: galea, subcutaneous tissues, and the skin. Culture/ Ethnicity /Nationality: Hispanic (Cuban) and Caucasian

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    • [DOC File]V2.8 Chapter 2C - Control, Code Tables


      While ICD-10 clearly establishes the semantic basis for the dual coding, it does not define an actual literal expression form suitable for use with CWE. In such cases, HL7 defines a suitable literal expression form and assigns an OID to that. The OID for this ICD-10 expression is 2.16.840.1.113883.6.260. The code system specifies that the two ...

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    • [DOC File]ACMA : American Case Management Association


      Foley catheters are considered indwelling urinary catheters; however, so are suprapubic cystostomies, percutaneous nephrostomies, and internal ureteral stents. Septicemia due to an indwelling urinary catheter is assigned code 996.64, infection and inflammatory reaction due to internal prosthetic device, implant and graft, and is sequenced as the principal diagnosis.

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