Icd 10 right middle finger injury

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      The qualifier value 0 is for a complete amputation of the little finger of the left hand. Case study coding. 1. ... because the right middle lobe is an entire body part in ICD-10-PCS. Neither code has a device of qualifier value that is appropriate. ... prevent further injury, and to relieve pain. ...

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      or proximal thereto 10 10. 5156 Little finger, amputation of: With metacarpal resection (more than one-half the bone lost) 20 20. Without metacarpal resection, at proximal interphalangeal joint. or proximal thereto 10 10. Note: The single finger amputation ratings are the only applicable ratings for amputations of whole or part of single fingers.

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      Enter the 3, 4, or 5 alpha/numeric code from the ICD-9/ICD-10 related to the procedures, or services, listed in Block #24d. List the primary diagnosis on Line 1 and secondary diagnosis on Line 2. Additional diagnoses are optional and may be listed on Lines 3 and 4.

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      A “Code Also” note appears in ICD-10-CM meaning that two codes may be required to fully describe a condition. ICD-10-CM refers to the code listed next to the main term in the Alphabetic Index as the “default code” or the condition that is most commonly associated with the main term or is the unspecified code for the condition.

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    • 2020 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code S60.942A: Unspecified superficial …

      Note: If the location of the injury is unclear, obtain x-rays to clarify the exact point of injury. Continued on next page 2. Nomenclature of Digits, Continued. b. Identifying the Digits of the Hand and Foot Use the table below to correctly identify the digits of the hand and foot. Note: Designate either right or left for the digits of the hand ...

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      Use “9” for ICD-9-CM. Use “0” for ICD-10-CM. Enter the indicator between the vertical, dotted lines in the upper right-hand portion of the field. Diagnosis code for the primary medical condition for which services are being billed. Use the appropriate International Classification of Diseases (ICD). List no more than 12 diagnosis codes.

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