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      That depends a lot on the individual, but many autistic adults live successful, independent lives. With the proper intervention, people with moderate to high-functioning ASDs are able to memorize the routines and procedures to get through everyday life on their own. Social situations will always be a challenge, but they don’t have to be ...

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    • Goal: All individuals and families with autism will have a ...

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      ASD is a disorder that extends across the lifespan from early childhood throughout adulthood. Few coordinated services have been made available to assist youth and young adults diagnosed with ASD transition from school to work, home to independent living and from child and family-centered care to adult-centered care.

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    • Identifying and Addressing Barriers to Employment of ...

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      Identifying and Addressing Barriers to Employment of Autistic Adults Nicola Martin, London South Bank University; Christopher Barnham, Visiting Fellow.Autism & Critical Disability Studies Research Group; and Joanna Krupa, London South Bank University. Abstract. This paper considers aspects of the employment landscape and ways in which practices focusing on employability could be more helpful ...

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      Independent Living. Asperger/Autism: Independent Living Mailing List Others. ABOARD (Advisory Board on Autism and Related Disorders) ABOARD's mission is to maximize the potential and possibilites of children, adolescents and adults with autism in western Pennsylvania (primarily the region surrounding Pittsburgh and Allegheny County).

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      The standard of educational provision for the autistic of course depends on training for the staff of the schools and facilities. Staff need to understand how autistic people interact and communicate, in particular so as to equip sufferers for independent living as far as possible.

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      Right now, just 9% of federal funding is for independent living housing projects and that needs to change.Canada also needs to support a useful systems to help autistic youth transition to adulthood. Too often, youth are tracked by well-meaning school programs into “school-to-guardianship” plans that underestimate their capacity for autonomy.