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      This convention generally requires the use of the last names of the authors of the source in parentheses after the sentence requiring a reference. For example: It is necessary to add a reference after a sentence containing an opinion which is not your own, or a fact that you …


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      Too many coaches neglect the cool-down at the end of a session. It is just as important, especially after vigorous exercise because the body needs time to slow down and it is an important step in aiding recovery. The cool down should occur immediately after training activities and should last 5 to10 minutes.


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      The radio announcer said, “Because of last night’s storm, the high school’s classes will start at 11:00 a.m., but students will be dismissed at the normal time.” b. The radio announcer said, “Because of last night’s storm, the high school’s classes will start at 11:00 a.m., but it will be dismissed at the normal time.”

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      Write the names of the characters on pieces of paper. Manipulate pieces of paper on the page with the names of characters, until you feel you have arranged them in the best way to reflect your understanding of the text. Then, attach the names to a piece of paper and the rest of the sociogram sorted out.

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      Three 7th grade girls approach the teacher and indicate that two other 7th grade girls started rumors about them. The two accused girls reply that the others started rumors first. Need more info. Based upon a similar case in an MPS School. A group of 6th grade girls calls Sarah names, start rumors and encourage others not to talk to her. Bullying


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      Girls may enjoy wearing a flower garland in their hair. These are easily made with silk flowers and ribbon. Girls with long hair may want to research the elaborate “up-do” hairstyles of the day and tuck little flowers within these braids. A henin is a type of hat that royal ladies wore. It …

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      If the last word – such as an abbreviation like M.D. or etc. – in the sentence ends in a period, do not follow it with another period. ... A noun is made a regular plural when you add an “s”. For example, boys and girls. The word is still a regular plural for words ending in …

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      Spilt the class into groups of 2 or 3, give each group a piece of paper and encourage them to come up with an interesting team name. Explain that you are going to give the teams a category and they have 3 minutes to come up with the top 5 items in that category. For …

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      D) Korean culture requires that first and last name be used in addressing guests. E) it is not appropriate to disclose nicknames in business meetings. Answer: C. Diff: 2 Page Ref: 119-120. AACSB: Multicultural and Diversity. 52) A characteristic of a low-context culture which is prevalent in United States, Switzerland, and Germany is:

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      The job sounded interesting so I decided to apply for it; it was at Disney World. C. The job at Disney World sounded interesting, so I decided to apply for it. ... D. Yesterday, Travis returned the video I lent him last week. 10. The girls went to the movies. ... The names of the ships were the Pinta, Nina and the Santa Maria. A. The three ...