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    • 12 April 2017 Markets Research European Monthly ETF Market ...

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      Leverage/Inverse, Sectors and SRI based products launches Boost listed 6 new equity leverage/inverse ETFs on London Stock Exchange providing 3X leverage & 3X inverse performance of S&P 500 TR Index, EURO STOXX 50 EUR Index & NASDAQ-100 TR Index. Blackrock listed 5 new equity ETFs on Deutsche Borse, out of which 4 ETFs aims at tracking …

    • 2016 HV ETF Cutline Report: As of 11/4/2016

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      2016 HV ETF Cutline Report: As of 11/4/2016 Ticker ETF Name Orientation 4 wk 8 wk 12 wk YTD%M/A M-Index DD% SOXL Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bull 3x Shar Leveraged Equities 31.40% +151 -12.09% 12.78% 7.64% 58.91% 17 -12.60%


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      197,714 Boost NASDAQ 100 3x Short Daily ETP Securities pursuant to the Collateralised ETP Securities Programme (the “ETP Securities”) This document constitutes the Final Terms of the ETP Securities described herein. The Base Prospectus referred to below (as completed by these Final Terms) has been prepared on the

    • ETF Monitor - Borsa Italiana

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      Europe for ETF trading by number of trades at the exchangetradedfunds.com ... NASDAQ-100 3X LEVERAGED NNR LEVERAGED LONG 3X ... IE00B8VZVH32 QQQS NASDAQ-100 3X INVERSE TR STRATEGIES ON CURRENCIES

    • Eventuali e Varie (tra gli Etf delle COMMODITIES)

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      096_etf ftse 100 3x daily long - etfs 120_etf nasdaq 100 - powershares eqqq 144_etf msci japan trn - dbxtr le posizioni su sfondo verde presentano un rapporto tra rischio e rendimento (di medio periodo) a favore del secondo 097_etf ftse 100 3x daily short - etfs 121_etf nasdaq 100 3x leverage - boost 145_etf japan topix - lyxor

    • Federal Register /Vol. 80, No. 69/Friday, April 10, 2015 ...

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      Nasdaq Rule 5705), Portfolio Depositary Receipts (as described in Nasdaq Rule 5705), and Managed Fund Shares (as described in Nasdaq Rule 5735). The Fund will neither invest in leveraged ETFs (e.g., 2X or 3X), nor inverse or inverse leveraged ETFs (e.g., –1X or –2X). The shares of ETFs in which a Fund may invest will be limited to

    • Frequently Asked Questions about Exchange-Traded Notes

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      FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT EXCHANGE-TRADED NOTES Understanding Exchange‐Traded Notes What are Exchange‐Traded Notes? Exchange‐Traded Notes (“ETNs”) are senior unsecured debt obligations that are listed on a national securities exchange. ETNs provide a return to investors based on

    • Leveraged ETFs: Multiplying by the Unknown

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      Leveraged ETFs: Multiplying by the Unknown By William J. Trainor Jr., Ph.D., CFA A ssume, with certainty, the S&P 500 index will in-crease 5% over the next year under average volatility con-ditions. You have the option of buying the index or one of three leveraged exchange-traded funds (LETFs) that will magnify

    • Morpheus ETF Roundup User Guide

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      Morpheus ETF Roundup User Guide Confused by the approximately 1,000 different exchange traded funds on the market? Do you wish there was a quick and easy way to group all the different ETF families by sector and sub-sector, but without wasting your time on ETFs that

    • Premier appel public à l’épargne et placement permanent

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      FNB BetaPro NASDAQ-100 ... inverse simple soient essentiellement comparables à l’inverse du rendement de son indice sous-jacent pour la même période. Toutefois, l’écart entre les rendements d’un FNB inverse simple et l’inverse du rendement de

    • Simulation of Leveraged ETF Volatility Using Nonparametric ...

      All of the included pairs of ±3x levered ETFs are issued by Direxion and ProShares. Our set includes established U.S. market indexes (S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, Russell 2000, NASDAQ 100), sector specific indexes (NYSE ARCA Gold Miners, Dow Jones U.S. Financials, S&P Technology Select), and international

    • Strategy ETF of the Exchange Traded Concepts Trust

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      14.11(e)(9)); and Paired Class Shares (as defined in NASDAQ Stock Market LLC Rule 5713). While the Funds may invest in inverse pooled investment vehicles, the Funds will not invest in leveraged (e.g., 2X, -2X, 3X or -3X) pooled investment vehicles. 11 An ETN is a senior unsecured debt obligation designed to track the total return of an


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      NYSE ARCA U.S. EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS (ETFs) • In May, 8 new ETFs1 listed on NYSE Arca – At the end of May, 1,517 ETFs were listed on NYSE Arca • US ETP notional volume represented 24.74% of all CTA issues in May 2017 • US ETP daily average turnover was approximately $66.39 billion in May 2017 • NYSE Arca was at the NBBO 91.45% of the time, …

    • U.S. Equity > Dow Jones Averages

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      Inverse Carry-Free Daily Index (TWD) Cathay DJIA Inv 1X ETF TAIWAN STOCK EXCHANGE ETF 00669R Dow Jones Transportation Average Direxion Dly Transp Bull 3X Shrs ETF ETF NYSE ARCA TPOR Dow Jones Transportation Average iShares Transportation Average ETF BATS Z-EXCHANGE ETF IYT U.S. Equity > Market Cap INDEX NAME PRODUCT NAME …