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    • The Fundamental Worth of Higher Education

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      the fundamental worth of higher education 139 to be disproportionately represented at selective universities. But some findings might surprise you, as they did me. Start with the top 20% income group or quintile of families with college-age students in this country (Figure 2). Of all highly qualified students, 36% come from the top income quintile.

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    • Is College Really Worth It? .edu

      to answer the question: Is college worth it? To answer this question, I will start by providing a critical analysis of how college works based on reference material by various authors. I will also include aims of innovation that have been taken these past few years that has made education more accessible outside the physical space of a classroom.


    • Is a College Education Still Worth the Investment?

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      Is a College Education Still Worth the Investment? (continued from front page) can point to statistical measures too. A return-on-investment analysis by researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York concluded that even though today’s “college students are paying more to …


    • Examining the Value of a College Degree - PayScale

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      2 Table of Contents 4 Is College Worth It? Yes, But Not Always Dr. Bridget Terry Long, Ph.D. 5 Colleges, Universities and Career Schools Vary Widely in Their Outcomes Martha Kanter, Ed.D.

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    • The Value of a College Degree. SR - Center on Education ...

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      The Value of a College Degree By Stephen Rose Stephen’Rose(sjr55@georgetown.edu)isanationally’recognized’laboreconomistwho’has’researched’ and’written’about’social’class’inAmericafor’the’last’30’years.’He’is’currently’aresearch’professoratthe’


    • Is College Worth It?

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      Is College Worth It? EMBARGOED FOR RELEASE AT 8 P.M. EDT ON SUNDAY, MAY 15 www.pewsocialtrends.org Split Views of College Mission. Just under half of the public (47%) says the main purpose of a college education is to teach work-related skills and knowledge, while 39% say it is to help a student grow personally and intellectually; the remainder ...

    • Is a College Education Worth It?

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      Is a College Education Worth It? ‐ Ahead of the Jan. 20, 2015 State of the Union address, find new quotes from Barack Obama, JD ﴾pro﴿, and Michelle R. Weise, PhD, Higher Education Senior Research Fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute ﴾con﴿. 3.

    • Do the Benefits of College Still Outweigh the Costs?

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      college and earning less upon graduation—trends that have led many observers to question whether a college education remains a good investment. However, an analysis of the the benefits of both a bachelor’s degree and an associate’s degree still tend to outweigh the costs, with both degrees earning a

    • November 2014 Is a college degree still worth it?

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      1 Is a college degree still worth it? Eleni X. Karageorge In “Do the benefits of college still outweigh the costs?” (Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Current Issues, vol. 20, no. 3, 2014), economists Jaison R. Abel and Richard Deitz find that despite the soaring cost of attending

    • Making College Worth It: A Review of the Returns to Higher ...

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      Making College Worth It: A Review of the Returns to Higher Education Philip Oreopoulos and Uros Petronijevic Summary Despite a general rise in the return to college, likely due to technological change, the cost-benefit calculus facing prospective students can make the decision to invest in and attend college dauntingly complex.

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