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    • 6 Reasons College Students Don’t Graduate in 4 Years

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      6 Reasons College Students Don’t Graduate in 4 Years . by Donald Asher . What’s with college students taking so long to graduate? A friend called me today, all upset because he’d just read that only 53% of college students graduate . in six years. His daughter is enrolled to begin college in the fall, and he was concerned about her, and ...

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    • College Athletes: What is Fair Compensation?

      COLLEGE ATHLETES: WHAT IS FAIR COMPENSATION? ERIc J. SoBoCINSKI* I. INTRODUCTION This article analyzes the current state of college athletics, considering its commercialization and exploitation of the student-athlete. It presents various proposed …

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    • Effective Strategies for Improving College Teaching and ...

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      Effective Strategies for Improving College Teaching and Learning • www.FacultyFocus.com FROMPAGE5 Responding to student writing is perhaps our most labor-intensive act and a terribly frustrating effort if it has no effect.

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    • Making College Worth It: A Review of the Returns to Higher ...

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      Making College Worth It: A Review of the Returns to Higher Education Philip Oreopoulos and Uros Petronijevic Summary Despite a general rise in the return to college, likely due to technological change, the cost-benefit calculus facing prospective students can make the decision to invest in and attend college dauntingly complex.

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    • Personal Narrative-College Essay Samples

      Everyone looks at her, while I'm a gloomy, invisible girl with a maximum of three friends, a girl whose name nobody can remember. Beer, parties and kisses are remote. I'm a Save the Whales activist, so antisocial I've convinced myself that whales are smarter than people. ... Personal Narrative-College Essay Samples ...

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    • Rising Tuition in Higher Education: Should we be Concerned?

      average additional lifetime earnings with a college degree to the average net cost of college it becomes clear that high tuition is not necessarily a problem. Economically, it is definitely worth it to attend college. Student loans are a burden, but compared to the alternative it is impossible to say they are not worth it.

    • Should Everyone Go To College? - Brookings Institution

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      Should Everyone Go To College? Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill . 1 . For the past few decades, it has been widely argued that a college degree is a prerequisite to ... college no matter what, we ...

    • The Effects of Social Media on College Students

      92 percent of college students had an account. By 2008, 99 percent of students had an account on Facebook. That is quite a large amount considering the service was only opened in 2006 to everyone. On one hand, the positive aspect of online communities is that youths can utilize them for academic assistance and support (Lusk, 2010).

    • WHY COLLEGE ISN’T FOR EVERYONE - Mutual of America

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      WHY COLLEGE ISN’T . FOR EVERYONE. A . person who compares the annual earn-ings of college and high school graduates would no doubt conclude that higher education is a good investment—the present value of the college earnings premium (the better part of $1 million) seemingly far outdistances college costs, yielding a high rate of return.

    • Why is college important?

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      Why is college important? Education holds the key to your child's future. Education can help your child reach his/her life goals and dreams. Education will help your child choose what he/she wants in life. Here are 10 key reasons why going to college is important for your child: • E d uc a tio np esr.T hmy lg s, he/she will have.