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      MCC reserves the right to cancel or modify courses. Tuition is based on the rate for the 2018 Academic Year for Nebraska High School residents. MCC’s tuition and fees schedule is subject to change without prior notice and at the discretion of the MCC Board of Governors. COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT:

    • Legal Right to Have an Attorney at College Disciplinary ...

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      may slightly increase the cost for the college. If, sometime in the future, the U.S. Supreme Court rules that minimal acceptable due process does not include the right of an accused student to bring an attorney to a disciplinary hearing on campus of a state college, a state court can assert a higher

    • Choosing a College Major Worksheet - Keystone College

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      college – either for your career or for continued studies in graduate school. Use this worksheet to help guide your thinking as you take steps toward choosing a college major that is best for you. Step 1. Self‐Assessment of Interests: Write down a list of activities, course subjects, and

    • The Freshman Resume - Radford University

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      The Freshman Resume . Writing a resume as a freshman (or sophomore) can be a challenge! When employers review resumes from college students, they generally don’t want to see high school information; however, most freshman are just getting started… so it is OK for a freshman to have some high school information on the resume,

    • Career Pathways College Credit Option Is college credit ...

      Is college credit right for me? Is college credit right for me? Career Pathways College Credit Option YES! Students who… - have a strong career interest in their program area - intend to work in the field of their program area - intend to pursue an FRCC degree or certificate in their program area, and/or - are committed to earning good grades

    • Finding the Right College for You - Unauthorized

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      Finding the Right College for You KEY POINTS YOU’LL FIND IN THIS GUIDE: Deciding Where to Apply to College Navigating the College Application Process Making College Affordable. Key points you’ll ind ... college applications have many requirements that can be time consuming.

    • You and Your College Experience

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      CHAPTER 1 YOU AND YOUR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE 7 1. WELCOME TO COLLEGE! Congratulations on your decision to attend college! For the great majority of college students, it really was your decision—not just an automatic thing to do. If you happen to be one of the few who just sort of ended up in college for want of anything better to do, the ...

    • Central Lakes College Student Right-To-Know Graduation and ...

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      What is Student Right-To-Know? Student Right-To-Know is a federal law that requires all colleges and universities to disclose certain information to students. This handout provides the information that a college must provide to students on graduation rates and transfer-out rates for full-time students seeking degrees at Central Lakes College.

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