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    • Applying for Ontario Works in York Region

      Family Support Program. If you become an Ontario Works participant you must pursue any support owed to you (except in certain situations, such as cases of documented violence/abuse). This includes pursuing child support, spousal support, and if you are a sponsored immigrant, support from your sponsor. York Region has Family Support Workers to

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    • Client Reporting Card - Alberta

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      Income Support Client Reporting Card To request next month’s benefits, complete both sides of this card for the reporting period Message to worker: Date signed Phone number Signature of Head of Household/Financial Administrator Date signed Signature of Spouse/Partner XX The information you provide on this card is collected under the authority of the Income and Employment Supports Act and …

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    • For Expected to Work and Barriers to Full Employment ...

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      For Expected to Work and Barriers to Full Employment Clients Your Guide Employment and Training Services Income Support Child Support Services Health Benefits. This is a guide to the Alberta Works Income Support Program for Expected to Work (ETW) and Barriers to Full Employment (BFE) clients. Please keep it for future reference. It will help answer your questions about the benefits and ...

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    • Income Support Fact Sheet - Alberta

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      Support benefits. Albertans who leave the Income Support program, due to excess income from any other source, may be eligible for the Alberta Adult Health Benefit. or Alberta Child Health Benefit. How to apply for Income Support • Contact or visit your local Alberta Works or Alberta Supports Centre; or • Apply online at albertasupports.ca

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    • ODSP Income Support Directives 11

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      Ontario Disability Support Program – Income Support Directives . 11.1 Recovery of Overpayments . Summary of Policy A social assistance payment (ODSP or Ontario Works) provided to an ODSP recipient or dependent spouse that he/she is not eligible for is an overpayment and may be recovered by deductions to ODSP income support.

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    • Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot

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      Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot Studying the impact of a basic income. What is basic income? A basic income is a payment to eligible families or individuals that ensures a minimum income level regardless of employment status. Why study a basic income? The pilot will test whether a basic income can better support vulnerable workers, improve health and education outcomes for people on low incomes ...