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      of the internment in Arizona, with a focus on daily life and the importance of baseball at the Gila River Internment Camp, to $369,765 for the Go For Broke National Educa-tion Center to help produce an exhibit on “Divergent Paths to a Convergent America: A 360 Degree Perspective of the Japanese American Response to WWII” in Los Angeles.

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      Japanese descent living in the US. On February 19th 1942 Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. Under the terms of the Order, some 120,000 people of Japanese descent living in the US were removed from their homes and placed in internment camps. The US justified their action by claiming that there was a danger of those of Japanese

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      Background Nearly 120,000 Japanese citizens were placed in internment camps. 2/3 of the citizens interned were American citizens. The U.S. Made claims about the

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      ! 1! JAPANESEAMERICAN!INTERNMENT!CAMPS!IN!ARIZONA! Minoru!Yanagihashi,!Ph.D.!!!!!Suppose!a!population!census!of!ArizonawastakeninJanuary1943; !the!

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      Japanese Internment Camps in the USA Amache (Granada),CO Opened: Aug 24, 1942 Closed: Oct 15, 1945. Peak population: 7,318. Gila River, AZ Opened July 20, 1942.

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      maricopa, 1942 gila river internment camp japanese-american military servicemen maricopa, arizona historical heritage 07 dec 1941 75th anniversity

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      argument of “military necessity” and turned the “Japanese problem” over to the U.S. Army. Soon after, the War Relocation Authority (WRA) was created and the Army supervised the massive displacement of Japanese Americans to temporary detention centers and then to ten inland concentration camps under the administration of the WRA.

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      • Distribute copies of the Handout: “Japanese Internment Camps in the USA” from History on the Net Web site. • Have students refer to it as you discuss/review events leading up to the U.S. entering World War II, Executive Order 9066, and the confinement of Japanese Americans. • Distribute copies of the National Park Service maps

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      Japanese descent living in the US. On February 19th 1942 Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. Under the terms of the Order, some 120,000 people of Japanese descent living in the US were removed from their homes and placed in internment camps. The US justified their action by claiming that there was a danger of those of

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    • [PDF File]An Overview of World War II Japanese American Relocation Sites


      Japanese American Relocation Sites by J. Burton, M. Farrell, F. Lord, and R. Lord Abstract This report provides an overview of the tangible remains currently left at the sites of the Japanese American internment during World War II. The main focus is on the War Relocation Authority's relocation centers, but Department of Justice and U.S. Army

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      4. Japanese were “suspicious” so they were disloyal 1. The war powers of the President allowed FDR to sign Executive Order 9066 on February 19, 1942 2. 3. 120K JA’s sent to 70 internment camps set up & governed by the military in WA, CA, AZ, ID, WY 1. Japanese property were sold or confiscated 2. Only could take one bag per person 3.

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      FDR AND JAPANESE AMERICAN INTERNMENT . Today, the decision to intern Japanese Americans is widely viewed by historians and legal scholars as a blemish on Roosevelt’s wartime record. Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the FBI arrested over 1200 Japanese aliens throughout the United States.

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    • [PDF File]Reading List on Japanese Internment and Relocation: Adult


      Internment Sites in Hawai'i.. Tucson, AZ: Trans-Sierran Archaeological Research; Honolulu: Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai'i Resource Center, 2007. • Fiset, Louis. Camp Harmony: Seattle's Japanese Americans and the Puyallup Assembly Center.Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2009. [ link ] • Harvey, Robert. Amache: The Story of Japanese ...

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      AZ (GRANADA) 0K AR NM —-GILA TEMPORARY JAPANESE RELOCATION CENTER JAPANESE INTERNMENT CAMP Source: National Japanese-American Historical Society given just a few days to sell or get rid of their belongings. People swooped down on Japanese- American neighborhoods in search of bargains. Kyle Anderson: I'll give you $25 for that truck.

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      Description: A public television documentary will be produced featuring Japanese Americans, some from internment camps, who served in the Pacific during World War II as interrogators, interpreters, and linguists with the Military Intelligence Service. NEW MEXICO Grant Recipient: Japanese American Citizens League, New Mexico Chapter (Los Lunas, NM)

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      further inland. Who were these persons deemed a threat to national security? All those of Japanese descent in western AZ, all of CA, & west of the cascades in OR & WA. Around 110,000 Japanese-Americans (2/3rds of which were US citizens) were sent to internment camps in CA, AZ, UT, ID, WY, CO, & Arkansas.

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      Poston, AZ (3A Internment Camps) JA 1 ; 30 : 1 : Tule Lake Relocation Center (3A Internment Camps) JA 1 ; 31 : 1 : Japanese Americans in internment camps 12/8/41-10/30/46, Locations and physical layouts of the concentration ; Camps (3A Internment Camps) 1994 ; JA 1 : 32 ; 2 : Fresno Assembly Center (3B Life in Internment Camp) 1943 : JA 1 ; 33 : 2

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      Japanese internment camp Ft. Carson - Along route 115 near Canon City. FLORIDA Avon Park - Air Force gunnery range, Avon Park has an on- base "correctional facility" which was a former WWII detention camp. Camp Krome - DoJ detention/interrogation center, Rex 84 facility Eglin AFB -

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    • [PDF File]Chapter 4, Part IV War-Time Hysteria and Racism


      Figure 4-IV- Japanese Canadian Internment Camp in the interior of British Columbia. Photo: Jack Long 1945. Japanese Internment in the United States During the 1880s, U.S. companies wanted cheap labor so the U.S. government allowed Asians, mainly Chinese but also Japanese, immigrate and work in agriculture, railroad construction, and factories.

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      Japanese Internment Camps ... months later and eventually wrote that the internment of the Japanese was wrong. The Japanese were first send to temporary detention centers from March, 1942 – October, 1942. ... Heart Mountain (WY), Preston and Gila River (AZ) and Jerome (AR). Internees began returning to the West Coast January 2, 1945. The last ...

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